Lucky people who enjoyed the greatest grace of God

OMG! 10 luckiest ever people in 11 amazing animated GIFs

“You got to feel religious after watching these lucky people animation.”
Are you the person who believes in making your own luck? Then you probably get irritated when someone curse their luck or appreciate it. Don’t feel irritated anymore because there must be something beyond logic, something that happens out of nowhere to protect you. Hey, I am not taking a religion class here. I am just feeling a bit lucky. Just look at the GIFs and you will understand.

Yikes Lucky People

train jump Lucky People


1 second more and he would be gone


truck Lucky People

top of motorcycle Lucky People

Not a single scratch to the rider! wow!!

Quality pole Lucky People

That awesome pole

Pedesrians Lucky People

lucky day Lucky People

rock head Lucky People

Lucky for 1 inch

Lucky Crash Lucky

Christmas miracle Lucky

Closest Calls Lucky

God Really Exists


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