House of Cards Quotes – All hail Frank Underwood!

12 House of Cards quotes you need to memorize or at least print and hang at your cubicle

“This is a House of Cards folks, think before you start reading the quotes and don’t give anything away.”
Kevin Spacey, as clever politician Frank Underwood, in the popular TV series House of Cards, has laid down some brilliant advices in his weird southern accent. Throughout the whole series, his quotes create tension, moves us with the story and leads us to the solutions. Characteristically, some quotes are more awesome – more brilliant and thought provoking than many of our real life politicians. Enlighten yourself with some of the beautiful words arranged specially for you

Power Combat Blood Politics Sleep House of Cards Quotes


“Power is my food. Combat is my sleep. Blood is my oxygen. Politics is my blood. Sleep is my enemy. My enemies are my food.”

Politics Baby House of Cards Quotes


“In politics, you either eat the baby or you are the baby.”

Poison President House of Cards Quotes

“I am going to poison the president. If not today, definitely sometime later this week.”

Lion Zebra House of Cards Quotes

“A Lion doesn’t ask permission before he eats a Zebra. The lions cannot talk and Zebras will not listen.”

Ribs Business House of Cards Quotes

Sorry I f*cked up your ribs business. But not really.

Hunter Predator House of Cards Quotes

“A hunter must stalk his prey until the hunter becomes the hunted. Then the prey becomes the predator. Then the predator and the hunter fight.”

Hamburglar Hero House of Cards Quotes

“Sometimes you need to take what is rightfully yours. This is why I see Ham burglar as the hero.”

Foxes Peaches Daddy House of Cards Quotes

“On my Daddy’s peach farm, the Foxes used to climb up the trees to bite into the soft, juicy flesh of the peaches. So what you need to ask yourself is: are you the peach, or the fox? Or are you my Daddy?”

Congress Chess House of Cards Quotes

“Congress is a game of Chess, and you must never let your opponents see your pieces.”

Cat Mouse House of Cards Quotes

“A Cat likes to play with a Mouse before the killing blow. It’s a metaphor.”

Adult Video Games House of Cards Quotes

“Even though I am an adult man, I enjoy video games.”

A Game of Thrones House of Cards Quotes

“Washington truly is… a Game of Thrones.”

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