Inspirational Quotes: A Friend with Chocolate

Inspirational Quotes: A Friend with Chocolate

Inspirational Quotes Friend with Chocolate

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.”
– Linda Grayson

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Who is Linda Grayson

Linda Grayson is an author and artist from California. Her career includes episodes of animation, interior design, painting and drawing. Grayson has gnerated ovet 130 million dollars in sales in the gift industry and she’s now licensing her art. To our interest in her inspirational quotes, Linda Grayson is also an author and illustrator of three children’s books.


Inspirational Quotes and Food

Motivation and inspiration can be found, among other places, in food. Yup, food can be not only comforting but also inspiring. And among all foods and drinks, it seems like chocolate holds a special place in our culture. There is something special about chocolate and we all know it the second it touches our tongue. In human relationships, friendship also holds a special place. It is a strong glue and foundation of our communities and life. Put those two together, friendship and chocolate, in one inspirational quote – and you have a winner!

As promised, here you can watch this quote about chocolate and friendship in a video:


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