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s&p 500

In a letter to employees when he took office, the new CEO, Christian Zwing, wrote: “You will naturally have questions about our strategy for the future.” A month later, Zwing announced a 10% cut in the workforce – 7,000 workers , Which helped the bank break a three-year losing streak and record a small net […]

5 Tips in trading stocks

  Trading on European stock exchanges opened this morning with gains. Dax is up 0.5%, FTSE adds 0.4% and CAC is up 0.1%. Stokes 600 rises by 0.3%. Asian trading closed in a mixed trend. Nikkei lost 0.14%, Shanghai soared 1.23%, the ASX 200 rose 0.37% and Kospi added 0.27%. Heng Seng is currently trading […]

Gardicore buy rec

  Gardicore raised $ 60 million to secure better servers The Israeli company has raised $ 112 million so far from a number of funds, including 83North, Battery Ventures and Deutsche Telekom. Guardicore, which develops software for both physical and cloud servers, has completed a $ 60 million third financing round, led by the Komra […]

shekel ns dollar – who win?

  The shekel weakened after the interest rate; The dollar jumped 0.7% Amir Kahanovich, chief economist of Excellence Investment House, said, “The shekel weakened after the decision of the Bank of Israel yesterday, which made it clear that the bank sees the strengthening of the shekel as the main factor delaying the rise in inflation […]

good shars in nasdaq

  The first day of trading this week on Wall Street opened with declines in the shadow of fears of a trade war and a worsening of the threats between the US and Iran The Nasdaq index is losing 1.2% at the opening, the Dow Jones is down 0.4% and the S & P 500 […]

Bed photo Nikita Klæstrupappears

Nikita Klæstrupappears – The hottest politician who is breaking the internet!

Nikita Klæstrupappears – Omg! This aspiring Danish student-politician is too damn hot! “Nikita Klæstrup is just too sexy to be confined into the poker world of politics.” “Everything is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power”, says Frank Underwood, the most watched fictional presidents in television history. We don’t agree, nor do we disagree […]

momofuku andos statue Instant Noodles

Google celebrates the birthday of the father of Instant Noodles

Momofuku Ando gets a birthday wish from Google “The Taiwanese-Japanese inventor of instant noodles and Cup noodles is remembered with a Doodle.” Can you imagine our life without instant noodles? Or our quick little tiffin at the office without Cup noodles? Don’t go mad searching for another option, you won’t find many. Mamofuku Ando, the […]

Luke Evans to Play Gaston in Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Luke You Are The Beauty!

Luke Evans to Play Gaston in Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’  Luke You Are The Beauty! Luke Evans is in negotiations to play the villainous Gaston in Disney’s live-action retelling of “Beauty and the Beast,” which stars “Harry Potter” actress Emma Watson as Belle and “Downton Abbey” alum Dan Stevens as the Beast. Bill Condon […]

Who Is The Best Baseball Players Of All Time?

Who Is The Best Baseball Players Of All Time? This greatest baseball players list represents the combined lists of baseball fans everywhere. Anyone can make their own list of the best ball-players ever to play the game, making this CrowdRanking a true consensus on who’s the best player of all time. So who is the […]

Robin Williams

Robin Williams: The Sad End of the funniest Man

Robin Williams: The Sad End of the funniest Man Oscar-winning American actor Robin Williams was found dead early 2014 at his home in California. According to preliminary estimates, Williams, 63 when he died, committed suicide, but police are continuing to examine the circumstances of his death. Last month hospitalized himself actor rehab, following his addiction to […]