Bar Refaeli Is Engaged !!!! Click For Details And Photos

Bar Refaeli Is Engaged !!!! Click For Details And Photos

Bar Refaeli Is Engaged !!!! Click For Details And Photos

Bar Refaeli Is Engaged, after a year of parity, the first Israeli model Bar Rafaeli and businessman Adi Ezra decided to take their relationship to the next level. The two spent the past few days on holiday in the Maldives secret, when Adi Ezra pulled out a ring and Swan replied two credible proposal “. A fungus amazing couple wishes all happiness in the world.

Here are the most exciting news of the day, Today? This week, the month, perhaps this year: Bar Refaeli is marrying Adi Ezra! Recently, The top model, it’s best exports to Israel and the Diaspora, responded positively to the proposed marriage of the businessman with whom it conducts linked romantically involved and especially in recent months.
Kolololo, it turns out that love wins dozens of paparazzi photographs, some familiar lovers (his and hers) and an unfortunate incident a black spot in the relationship. So, it’s over a ring!

Offer exciting happened during the two secret vacation in the Maldives as she told you Walla Celebs, where the two decided to spend the holiday Hfurim without masks, no rattles, no costumes, but with a lot of bathing suits and bare skin, warm sun, exotic and romantic Lokshiin and one engagement ring.

OMG!! Bar Refaeli Is Engaged!!


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