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Get to know how to Treat People & what to avoid, Taylor Swift trolling the media & urges for a birthday present or Re-live the moments with Bob Marley – all and many more top Celebrity posts on today’s celebrities Briff


Treat People What They Deserve

-Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole

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Wishes For The Chuck Norris of India

FB 793 – And the 12th of December cometh the birthday of the Phenomena Rajnikanth .. Happy birthday dear friend and remain in happiness and good health always ..

Amitabh Bachchan

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Re-Live The Moments With Bob

“Ya running and ya running, but ya can’t run away from yourself.” #RuningAway #bobmarleylive

Bob Marley

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Bieber Enjoying Skating Time

Justin Bieber

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Conversation With Sorrow, Sadness Embracing

Khloe Kardashian

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Winter Morning, Warm Wish

Good morning Nanjing.

Lee Minho (이민호)

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Special Technique Unveiled, Watch To Learn

I always wondered how this was done…


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Successful Event, Children Would BE Benefited

The guys had an amazing day with Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity yesterday and met some truly amazing kids and families. Thank you all so much for coming down!

One Direction

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Praying For President & Inspiring Others

Melhoras meu presidente, Alexandre Kalil! Com certeza foi só um susto! Fique bem logo! Grande abraço

Ronaldinho Gaúcho

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Media Accused & Urges For Present

Taylor Swift

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