Celebrities Cousins – Famous People Who Made Their Marriage Just a Family Affair

Celebrities Cousins – These 15 celebrities married their own cousins. What?

Is marriage between cousins a taboo? Some religions and cultures permit it, some don’t. In the USA, only six states allow that to happen legally. However, the ban was not imposed until the end of last century and it is also legal in many other countries. Here are 14 celebrity couples that include some super big names, who used to be cousins before.


Photos of the Big Name Who Married Their Cousin

Celebrity Cousins RUDY GIULIANI

RUDI GIULIANI: The first wife of the former governor of New York, who became famous for his sternness on criminals was his second cousin. After 14 years of marriage, the couple parted their company to become cousin again!

Celebrity Cousins QUEEN ELIZABETH II

QUEEN ELIZABETH II: The supreme leader of the Royal family of the United Kingdom has also married her cousin Prince Phillip. The pair is second cousins and also third cousins through King Christian IX and Queen Victoria respectively.

Celebrities Cousins EDGAR ALLAN POE

EDGAR ALLAN POE: One of the most celebrated short story writer of America married his first cousin Virginia Clemm, when she passed only 13 birthdays.

Cousin Celebrities JESSE JAMES

JESSE JAMES: Famous outlaw Jesse James broke the barrier of marrying cousins even when it wasn’t a law! He married his first cousin Zerelda, who was even named after his mother.

Celebrities Cousins ALBERT EINSTEIN

ALBERT EINSTEIN: Elsa Einstein and Albert Einstein were first cousins through his mother and second cousin through his father.

Cousin Celebrities KEVIN BACON

KEVIN BACON: The Hollywood star and his wife Kyra recently discovered that they are also 9th cousins. Probably we are all cousins, one way or another if you consider we all came from Adam and Eve.

Cousin Celebrities JERRY LEE LEWIS

JERRY LEE LEWIS: When he was 22, the rock and roll star has lost many of his fans for marrying his cousin, aged only 13.


JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH: One of the greatest composer of all time, probably the man who suffered most by marrying his cousin. Johann and Maria Bach was second cousin through his father and had seven children, although only four of them survived.

Celebrity Cousins THOMAS JEFFERSON

THOMAS JEFFERSON: One of the founding father of America, married his third cousin Martha Wayles. Jefferson became a widower after having six children with Martha.

Celebrities Cousins FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT

FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT: By marrying his fifth cousin Eleanor, the 32nd president of America followed suit of his parents, who themselves were sixth cousins.
H.G. WELLS: The most famous science fiction writer disobeyed science dangerously, by marrying his first cousin Isabel Mary Wells.

Celebrities Cousins CHARLES DARWIN

CHARLES DARWIN: By marrying his first cousin and having 10 children together, it is safe to say that the father of evolution himself contributed to the process a bit.

Celebrities Cousins “WINNIE THE POOH”

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN MILNE: Christopher Robin, the inspiration for the much loved character “Winnie the Pooh”, was the result of the marriage between Christopher Robin Milne and his cousin Lesley de Selincourt.

Cousin Celebrities JOHN F. FITZGERALD

JOHN F. FITZGERALD: The grandparents of President John F. Kennedy, politician John F. Fitzgerald and Mary Josephine Hannon was second cousins, obviously before their marriage.

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