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Find out the embarrassing moments for Ariana Grande & her proper fits edit, Humanity still exists & meet the two people who kept them alive or Read the story of an woman who just listened to her heart everytime & her amazing switching story – etc many more top posts all over the world on today’s Viral Briff


Proper Fit All Over, Embarrassing Moments Fr Grande

In these moments, we were ALL Ariana Grande.


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Two People Kept Humanity Alive

Love this!


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Winter Mathematical Jokes


I fucking love science

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Luxury At It’s Highest Level

Horse Grooming Tips

Stylish Eve

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Switching At The Moment You Fall In Love, Very Rare

“I used to be obsessed with cooking. It was all I thought about. I did cooking shows on the BBC. I wrote 27 cookbooks. I wrote a whole cookbook just about garlic. Then one night, I was editing the proofs for my 27th cookbook, when I picked up a marker and drew a mermaid on a piece of scrap paper. I looked at that mermaid, she looked at me, and I never thought about cooking again. Ever since that moment, I’ve thought about nothing but art. I was sixty years old when I made the switch. I’m not sure what caused it. It was either menopause, a psychotic break, or a muse bit me on the bum!”

Humans of New York

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Art That’s Becoming More & More Popular

Amazing DIY Creations From Food ᴷᴬ

Architecture & Design

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Beauty Captured While In A Rush

Such a beautiful Sunset

Dude Perfect

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Lovers Stopped, Very Sad Moment

Poor T-rex…


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Beauty Of Nature, See It To Feel It

15+ animals playing in snow for the first time

Bored Panda

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Are We Heading To The Right Direction?

How far we have come in the struggle for LGBT equality. Although we have far yet to go, this helps demonstrate the way we are headed.

George Takei

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