Topless Celebrities – Can you recognize them without their face?


Topless Celebrities – Can you recognize them without their face?

Topless Celebrities is one of the most search terms on the web. You know why. But if you give it a second thought, would you really want to see your favorite celebrity without their top literally? Would you even recognize them? Don’t scroll all the way down just yet… The answers and full photos are there..

4 Topless Celebrities – How many do you recognize?

Ready to play? Here are 4 topless celebrities. If you’ve been living on Earth this year, you must know them. But how important is a face? We deleted each of their faces, made them literally topless. And now it’s up to you to identify them. Good luck!


#1 Who is this Topless Celebrity?

Hint: The hottest actress alive. You know her very well.

Topless Celebrities 1 - Topless Jennifer Lawrence


#2 Do you Recognize this Topless Celebrity?

Hint: She is young (born 1993), very short, but her voice and talent reached new heights!

Topless Celebrities 2 - Topless Ariana Grande


#3 Try to Identify this Topless Celebrity

Hint: Actress, singer and her name isn’t really Alex. You should recognize her easily…

Topless Celebrities 3 - Topless Selena Gomez


#4 Who is this Topless Celebrity

Hint: In many of her recent photos, she is in fact topless, as in – no shirt on.

Topless Celebrities 4 - Topless Miley Cyrus.


The Answers! Celebrities with their top :)

#1 Not so Topless Jennifer Lawrence

Topless Celebrities 1 - Jennifer Lawrence


#2 Not so Topless Ariana Grande

Topless Celebrities 2 - Ariana Grande


#3 Not so Topless Selena Gomez

Topless Celebrities 3 - Selena Gomez


#4 Not so Topless Miley Cyrus

Topless Celebrities 4 - Miley Cyrus


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