Chris Brown’s baby – Mama partied with his ex!


Chris Brown’s Baby Dilemma

The moment when TMZ reported that Chris Brown is a father of 9 months old baby girl, many other interesting things about him also started to emerge on the internet. Now, some new photos have emerged showing Chris with his then girlfriend Karrueche Tran was partying with the baby mother Nia in May’13. It didn’t take so long for Chris to take the ex-model Nia into bed, as the pair is reported to be sleeping with each other later that summer. Nia, mother of Brown’s child, was a music video model who appeared on Phill Wade’s “Dreams of You”. Although parenting the child on friendly terms, the pair aren’t in a romantic relationship. However, Chris Brown’s baby life will not be affected by his playboy attitude, people hopes.

Karrueche Nia Chris Brown's Baby

All together Chris Brown's Baby

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