LAPD shoots in Daylight and kills a homeless man


How did the LAPD shooting happen?

In the Skid Row, a downtown district of Los Angeles, a homeless man was shot dead by LAPD. The LAPD were there in response to a suspected robbery while they noticed the man in his tent. After failing to get him out of the tent, the LAPD Tasedhim and the man got shot afterwards. His name wasn’t confirmed by the LAPD, but he was known as Africa in the neighborhood. Africa was fighting with someone else while he refused the police order to come out and was also fighting right before the shooting happened, a witness confirmed.

LAPD before shooting


Was there any other motive or is it purely accidental?

LAPD shoots

In Skid Row, homeless people are allowed from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. and some believe that was the reason for the police to force him out, which eventually led to the unfortunate shooting. A witness confirmed that notion by saying that the man got shot over a tent.

Video of the shooting uploaded by Facebook user Anthony Blackburn


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