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shekel ns dollar – who win?

  The shekel weakened after the interest rate; The dollar jumped 0.7% Amir Kahanovich, chief economist of Excellence Investment House, said, “The shekel weakened after the decision of the Bank of Israel yesterday, which made it clear that the bank sees the strengthening of the shekel as the main factor delaying the rise in inflation […]

5 Tips in trading stocks

  Trading on European stock exchanges opened this morning with gains. Dax is up 0.5%, FTSE adds 0.4% and CAC is up 0.1%. Stokes 600 rises by 0.3%. Asian trading closed in a mixed trend. Nikkei lost 0.14%, Shanghai soared 1.23%, the ASX 200 rose 0.37% and Kospi added 0.27%. Heng Seng is currently trading […]

Best start up to invest

  Start-up Simplepay raised $ 30 million The company develops security software in the field of automation of security and response processes. This is its third financing round, with $ 58 million raised to date. Amos Stern, co-founder and CEO of the company: “The whole SOAR field started to grow very quickly, in the field” […]

James Bond Girls Timeline

The James Bond Girls

The Bond Girls Timeline James Bond girls – sexy, clever, strong – they all have a special role in our culture since 1962’s Honey Ryder until the recent Severine and newest Lucia Sciarra. Looking at them one by one along the timeline teaches us something about the place of female characters in modern cinema, about […]

What 80s Stars Look Like Now Mr T

What 80’s Stars Look Like Now

15 ’80S CELEBS YOU WON’T RECOGNIZE TODAY Ah, the 80s. There has never been a decade quite like it. It was a time of 8-bit video games, acid washed jeans, ridiculous hair and even more ridiculous leather-pants-wearing power bands. It was also a time when there was a terrific mix of totally awesome and completely […]

Wonder Woman and Stuntwoman Jeannie Epper Celebrities Stunts

Celebrities Stunts – The Real Heroes Behind The Scene

Celebrities stunts double: Compare the similarities We always cheer to those celebrities who entertain us with their actions like jumping from their cars or buildings. The question is – “Do they originally take part in those real dangerous scenes?” No, they are not. Movie makers always use stunts on those dangerous scenes. Celebrity stunt doubles […]

Miley Cyrus Short Jeans 16

18 Times When Miley Cyrus Rocked Short Jeans

Miley Cyrus Loves Short Jeans High or low, dark or light, she just seems to love them. Short jeans. Miley Cyrus just can’t have enough of them. The Facebook page Short Jeans has been sharing this love with the world. And in the spirit of style – we’re happy to join the fashion party. 18 […]

Scarlett Johansson and John Travolta Celebrity Spoilers

Celebrity Spoilers – Funnier Than You Think

These celebrity spoilers can make your day Nobody wants to be sad. Everybody wants to laugh. Photos are considered as the expression of life. After three successful Funny Photobombs posts we have decided to represent funny spoiler of celebrities. These funny photos of celebrities are collected from their various events and social media profiles. These […]

Megan Fox Pregnant Celebrities

Pregnant Celebrities – Not an Isolated Period

Pregnant Celebrities Bikini Photos In Public Pregnancy period is the most memorable moment of any women’s lifetime. At this time, every moment is very exciting and remarkable for mothers. Pregnant women lose their beauty and struggle in this period. This time is very sensitive for them also. They feel like isolated. They don’t want to […]

Beautiful Eyes

Beautiful Eyes – Only Eyes Can Express The Soul

These Beautiful Eyes Can Tore Your Heart Apart “Beauty is how you feel on inside and it reflects in your eyes.” Eyes reflect the soul and it the most important part in human body which can express. It shows the emotion, happiness or sadness. Eyes can hypnotize the people too. People looks for the beauty […]

Mitch Lucker A heavy metal rocker Last Tweets

Celebrities Last Tweets – Final one before death

These celebrities didn’t know they’re about to die when writing their last Tweets People wanted to know the every minutes of the celebrity life. That’s why celebrities keep their fans up to date via social media platforms. Twitter is the most popular one among them. They tweets what they are doing, uses humor, make fun, […]

Alyssa Miller Hat

The Short Jeans Bikini

Top Model Alyssa Miller features the All New Short Jeans Bikini We love short jeans. We love beach life. Bringing these two loves together in style, meet the all new short jeans bikini. Perfect accessory this summer, both at the beach and around the social networks. Best Photos of the Short Jeans Bikini Preparing for […]

Awesome threesome – Shakira, Rihanna & Peejet! Funny Photoshop

Funny Photoshop guy poses with the hottest celebrities

This guy has the best funny Photoshop photos online Peejet is a graphic designer based in the New York city. What’s so interesting about that? The interesting part is his bizarrely funny Photoshop work, which immediately has turned him into a social media sensation. The guy is the best companion to many celebrities and can […]

STEVE-O worst celebrity tattoos

One dozen examples of worst celebrity tattoos

These worst celebrity tattoos will certainly entertain you To die, err… to err is human, and no matter how much popularity a celebrity has, he/she is still human. So, like me, or like any other human beings, they also make mistakes. However, they have one particular advantage over the general masses. Sometimes their mistakes turns […]

Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber – All That Matters

Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber – All That Matters All the jokes from the roaster “by Justin Bieber, star” all the best “refers to mysterious rumors, Emma Roberts and stressful new teaser canceled spin-off idea Mad Men. Roaster best jokes by Justin Bieber This week was taken at Chippewa program “Channel Justin Bieber’s” Comedy Central “. Host […]

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