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American Drug Policy Slammed

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Many striking hypocrisy existed in American Drug policy and last week, it was exposed once again. On Friday, the very day The Daily Beast reported about the unfortunate Vincent Winslow serving a life sentence for selling $20 worth of weed, Colorado released its first annual report boasting about the sale of 17 tons of weed that worth $700 million. So, what about the equal rights of human being? Where is justice while selling weed in Colorado can result in bringing you a prestigious seat in its Cannabis Chamber of commerce, you will be facing a life sentence hanging on your neck doing a tiny few of the same things?!


What are the authority doing?

With this type of discrepancies between Federal and state laws, both the congress and the Justice departments keep looking for without getting involved. You shouldn’t expect the government, which has a long history of aggressively prosecuting the Drug War, would like to be involved anytime soon.
Let’s just hope that the Congress becomes active sooner rather than later.


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