Animals Riding Animals – Some of these natural rides are amazing


Animals Riding Animals

This photo of a Weasel riding on a Green Woodpecker in mid air is spreading all over the Web. Wow. Some claim that this in fact an attack. I prefer looking at is a great friendship. Art is open to our understanding. And nature is art.

Animals Riding Animals - Weasel riding Green Woodpecker

Photographer: Martin Le-May (c) 2015


28 Photos of Animals Riding Animals

This photo reminded us that this is not the first time that we see animals riding on top of other animals. Here are 27 additional photos proving that natural rides can take many shapes and forms. Some of the photos are an animated GIF, so be patient. Don’t miss my personal favorite of the dog riding a swimming dolphin, saved for last. Enjoy!

Animals Riding Animals - Dog Riding Turtle

Animals Riding Animals - Goat riding Horse

Animals Riding on top Animals 1 - Owl Riding Dog

Animals Riding Animals 2 - Snail Riding Snake

Animals Riding other Animals 3 - Parrot on Dog

Animals Riding on top Animals 3 - Porcupine riding Bambi

Animals Riding Animals 4 - Goat on Sheep

Animals Riding other Animals 4 - Mouse Riding Frog

Animals Riding other Animals 5 - Hamster Riding Dog

Animals Riding Animals 5 - Monkey Riding Pig

Animals Riding other Animals 6 - Dog Riding Horse

Animals Riding Animals 7 - Dog on Horse

Animals Riding Animals 7 - Frog Riding Snail

Animals Riding other Animals 8 - Cat Riding Turtle

Animals Riding Animals 9 - Kitten on Hamster

Animals Riding other Animals 9 - Koala on Dog

Animals Riding other Animals 10 - Frog on Snake

Animals Riding Animals 11 - Squirel on Dog

Animals Riding Animals 12 - Dog on Donkey

Animals Riding other Animals 17 - Floating Turtoise

Animals Riding Animals 13 - Dog on Elephant

Animals Riding other Animals 13 - Frog Riding Beetle

Animals Riding other Animals 14 - Butterfly Riding Aligator

Animals Riding Animals 15

Animals Riding other Animals 16 - bird on owl

Animals Riding Animals 17- iguana on cat

My personal favorite – an animated GIF of a dog riding on top of a swimming dolphin…

Animals Riding Animals 5 - Dog on Dolphin

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This collection of animals riding animals photos was curated and edited with the help of Google. Some of these brilliant photos are shared all around the social web. If you find your very own pet or animal in a photo or just want to add specific credit – sure! Simply drop us a line and we’ll be happy to add the details.

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