Animals Waving Goodbye – the Look in their Eyes Says it All

Animals Waving Goodbye

Animals waving goodbye are so much better than humans. When it’s time to say goodbye, and you lack the right words, give a chance to these adorable animals saying it for you. I wrote this post on the day after New Year’s Eve. The first day of the year is a happy beginning. And it’s also time to say goodbye to the year we’re leaving behind. Goodbye!



The Look in their Eyes Says it All

Adieu. Bye-bye. Adios. Cheerio. Ciao. Godspeed. So long. Toodle-oo. In any language, Goodbye sounds better through animals waving it. And oh, the look in their eyes, as if they know it’s time to depart.


Animals Waving Goodbye – Best 20 Photos

A lion, a kitten, a dog and a frog. An eagle, a kangaroo, a hamster even a lady bug. So many animals saying goodbye. But there is no real competition. Bears do it best. Goodbye dear Bear!

Animals Waving Goodbye Polar Bear

Animals Waving Goodbye Frog

Animals Waving Goodbye 3 Puppy

Animals Waving Goodbye 4 Kitten

Animals Waving Goodbye 5 Bear

Animals Waving Goodbye 6 kangaroo

Animals Waving Bye 7 Hamster

Animals Waving Bye 8

Animals Waving Bye 9

Animals Waving Goodbye 10 Mouse

Animals Waving Goodbye 11 Cat

Animals Waving Goodbye 12 Lady Bug

Animals Waving Bye 13 Turtle

Animals Waving Bye 14

Animals Saying Goodbye 15 Baby Panda

Animals Waving Goodbye 16 Lion

Animals Waving Bye 17 Eagle

Animals Saying Goodbye 18

Animals Saying Goodbye 19 Porcupine

Animals Waving Goodbye 20 Best Bear


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