Cliff jump interrupted with earthquake and falling rocks

Crazy real video – must watch!

This guy from Israel jumped from the cliff into the lake, but an earthquake hit when he was mid air. Watch this amazing real video until the end, it’s about a minute, to see the rocks starting to fall all around as the cliff collapses into the lake. What are they saying? Short translation just below, scroll down.


What are they saying? The Story Behind the Cliff Jump Earthquake Video

Israeli traveler Ron Bezalel took this video in Lake Menahemya, down in the South of Israel. The guys were fooling around with cliff jumping into the seasonal lake. Just then, a 5.3 earthquake hit the Sinai Desert in Egypt and it was felt throughout the region. No casualties reported but all felt the earth move.

In case you were wondering what do they say. Well, in the beginning they encourage their friends to jump and be careful. And then the guy repeatedly says “I don’t believe!”.


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Cliff Jump Earthquake

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