They haven’t noticed the camera… Monks playing in the snow – Rare Video


Monks Playing with Snow

You don’t see monks playing very often. Looks closely, these are actual monks. This is a heartwarming rare video of Franciscan monks in a snow day in Jerusalem taking some very unusual freedom and just… playing. The story and details behind this rare and exclusive video are below.

The Story of the Monks Playing Video

In the heart of Israel, Jerusalem is the holy city of the World’s largest monotheistic religions. Over 3 billion people keep Jerusalem in their prayers every day. No wonder that the old city of Jerusalem is filled with monasteries.

Most of the year Jerusalem is sunny with a lovely weather. Snow comes to visit not more than two or three days a year. This year, on February 2015, snow was followed by a nice day. And a group of Franciscan monks got out for some fresh air. Thinking that they are out of sight, they let themselves some unusual moments of freedom. They haven’t noticed the camera…

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Monks Playing with Snow

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