Pulp Fiction: Trivia and Little-Known Facts

Pulp Fiction: Trivia and Little-Known Facts


Pulp Fiction, Revisited (Don’t miss the great video!)

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Quentin Tarantino, hugely talented filmmaker and director, has made many iconic films, but Pulp Fiction might just be his most influential. This quirky, darkly comic crime film has won numerous awards, revitalized careers of its actors, and wormed its way into our cultural lexicon.

On a recent cold winter evening, I decided to revisit this 90s classic, and got reminded of why I loved it so much. In honor of it, I’ve put together some of my favorite facts from this movie. Read through it, and watch it again!

Remember what was in the briefcase?

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That briefcase. What was even in it? Everyone has a theory – Elvis’s gold suit from True Romance, or Marcellus Wallace’s soul. That far-out theory points to the case’s glow, the band-aid on Marcus’s cheek (where, presumably, his soul would escape from), and the combination on the case – 666 (as he’d sold his soul to the devil).

In an interview with Howard Stern, Tarantino said that the briefcase contained “whatever you want it to.”

What’s up with the bandaid? Click next…

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