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Hot Israeli Startup Companies 2015 - Startup Nation

The 28 hottest Israeli startups of 2015

The Startup Nation The always-hot Israeli startup scene has been going even more bonkers lately. We already know Waze, Wix, Fiverr, Taboola and other innovative startups. Now, 2015 has been a record-breaker for VC funding. The valuations of young companies are skyrocketing and private-equity bankers have arrived in droves, as have Chinese investors. It all adds up […]

Google Soli Micro Radar

New Micro Radar from Google is Mind Blowing

Gadgets are going to Change Forever Google is working on an innovative micro radar that can sense tiny movements. When integrated into electronics and gadgets, the new Soli Micro Radar can sense and identify gentle hand motions. Even small finger movements. The first look into the results is mind blowing. Can’t wait for it to […]

People not saved from danger but photography is a must Smartphone Addiction

Smartphone Addiction – Less Benefit, Bigger Loss

Smartphone Addiction making people more unsocial New innovation of technology makes our life easier than before. Smartphones are becoming a part and parcel of our life. Thanks to smartphones, we more connected to each other than the past. Can you imagine passing a day without your smartphones? I am sure you have never thought a […]

“Pick Your Nose” Paper Cups Great Packages

Great Packages which can actually be bought at Amazon

These bizarre, but great packages actually exist in our wonderful world Amazon, the giant marketplaces for us the online community, has just about anything you seek to buy in a store. However, that’s not particularly unique as any superstore, the great and good ones of those, will offer you anything like amazon. Anyway, what makes […]

momofuku andos statue Instant Noodles

Google celebrates the birthday of the father of Instant Noodles

Momofuku Ando gets a birthday wish from Google “The Taiwanese-Japanese inventor of instant noodles and Cup noodles is remembered with a Doodle.” Can you imagine our life without instant noodles? Or our quick little tiffin at the office without Cup noodles? Don’t go mad searching for another option, you won’t find many. Mamofuku Ando, the […]

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