Great Packages which can actually be bought at Amazon

These bizarre, but great packages actually exist in our wonderful world

Amazon, the giant marketplaces for us the online community, has just about anything you seek to buy in a store. However, that’s not particularly unique as any superstore, the great and good ones of those, will offer you anything like amazon. Anyway, what makes the world amazon unique is its big collection of weird, but extensively cool packages of everyday materials, which can absolutely wow us in a grand manner. You would look at those products and think twice whether it is real. In fact, you would require a long, deep stare to find out what it actually does. So, let’s start the wonder with the great packages we have come across so far.


1. Umbrella Flask
This umbrella like thing is actually a flask to probably hide your drinking habit under an umbrella! Great to con the concert securities, just mistakenly don’t put it over your head when it rains.

Umbrella Flask Great Packages
Umbrella Flask 2 Great Packages

2. TowlHub
Wished of being able to charge your phone in the kitchen easily? Your wish is their command as a manufacturer brought a lovely kitchen towel holder that can actually charge up to 4 devices.

TowlHub Great Packages
TowlHub 2 Great Packages

3. The “Pencil”
Missing the pencil and paper, in this age of modern technology? Don’t miss much as the technology brought back the ‘Pencil’ for you, only in an ultra-modern fashion. This pencil looks exactly like a pencil, but can connect with iPad over Bluetooth and work as a damn good stylus.

The “Pencil” – An iPad Stylus That Connects Via BlueToooth Great Packages

4. Desktop Punching Ball
Never leave your desk to reduce your stress again. Just buy this desktop punching ball which will attach to your desk nicely. It adds to the desks’ texture too, while saving you from the wrath of your HR manager.

Stress-Busting Desktop Punching Ball Great Packages

5. Dart Vader Toaster
Dart Vader makes the list once again, but this time with a fantastic toaster that marks the word ‘Star Wars’ onto your toasted breads.

Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster Great Packages

6. Sky Panel
This brilliant sky panel shows images of the skies, making it possible to feel like having a fresh air even in an air proof, sight proof building.

Sky Panel Great Packages

7. Flying Shark
Yeah, it’s a shark that can fly. This amazing helium-filled shark can fly around or swim around 40 feet of range in the air, with the help of a remote controller.

Remote Control Flying Shark Great Packages

8. Pepper Spray Case
Never have to carry a pepper spray again. Your iPhone, with the help of this cover will easily turn into a pepper spray to protect you from the hijacker. If you wish, you can have a pepper spray selfie too.

Pepper Spray Case Great Packages

9. Plug Outlet
And lastly, enjoy the shameful looks of the love making naughty couple, drawn out in the socket that effectively does its job. The plug comes in a pack of 4.

Naughty Plug Outlet Great Packages

10. Moby Stapler
Forget about staplers, in order to join the papers with papers, just use a whale! Just kidding! This whale like thing is in fact a stapler, quite possibly the coolest one you would ever see.

Moby Stapler Great Packages

11. Web Mail Notifier
Use a nice little envelope to notify you about mails, Facebook likes and retweets. It is not particularly necessary, we admit, but we like to be cool you know!

Dream Cheeky WebMail Notifier Great Packages

12. Darth Vader USB Hub
This package has a spinning head and light-up eyes with the obvious Darth Vader voice and it is basically a USB hub. This officially licensed product is not so cheap though.

Darth Vader USB Hub Great Packages

13. Phone Charger
It is no ordinary charging adapter, rather it is the charger that fits nicely into a wallet. The charger is sized like a credit card and can charge your phone in about an hour.

Credit Card Sized Phone Charger Great Packages


14. Chopping Board with iPad Stand
The name says it all. So, cut every inch of your ingredients without ever taking your eyes off of the recipe found in your iPad.

Chopping Board With Built-in iPad Stand Great Packages


15. Buddy Bounce Outdoor Play Ball
A giant ball, that looks pretty in its blue crystal like texture. Does the job pretty well too.

Buddy Bounce Outdoor Play Ball Great Packages


16. HAPIfork
Fork with Bluetooth connectivity! Never could imagine that, could you? This HAPIfork comes straight beyond your imagination to update you with all the information about your food habit and manners.

Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Fork Great Packages


17. Wind-Up Shredder
Crank the handles, and papers will get into it to be shredded out, all on its own. This cool shredder can be used with a bank statement or credit cards, even evidence. It comes at a low price too.

A Wind-Up Shredder Great Packages


18. A Levitating Desk Lamp
This lamp came straight out of a magic trick book, with hidden magnets, keeping the up and bottom parts a couple inches away from the main stand. So, live a magical life, literally.

A Levitating Desk Lamp Great Packages


19. Color Changing Shower Head
Always dreamed of having a golden shower in Vegas? Have it in the comfort of your own home with this shower header that change into seven different colors including the golden one.

7-Color Changing Shower Head Great Packages


20. “Pick Your Nose”
No, this is not a heading, rather the given name of the precious little paper cups. These cups will change the shape of your nose, or at least the way people look at it while you drink something again.

“Pick Your Nose” Paper Cups Great Packages


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