New Micro Radar from Google is Mind Blowing

Gadgets are going to Change Forever

Google is working on an innovative micro radar that can sense tiny movements. When integrated into electronics and gadgets, the new Soli Micro Radar can sense and identify gentle hand motions. Even small finger movements. The first look into the results is mind blowing. Can’t wait for it to be released.

Scroll down to Watch two beautiful animated GIFs and the video to see how all gadgets are going to change forever. The new micro radar is here…!

Google Soli Micro Radar


Google’s Soli Micro Radar – Animated GIF

These animated GIFs of the micro radar are worth waiting for, it might take a minute, please be patient. Just imagine it within an iWatch or a music player. There is also a great video below with explanations from Google’s engineers.

Google Soli Radar Animated Volume


iWatch simulation animated GIF:

Google Soli Radar Animated iWatch


Micro Radar in Action – Watch the Video

Google’s team from Project Soli explain the innovation and uses of the new micro radar. This has so many prospects… Wow!



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