Day and Night – Photographer combines both in perfect NYC Photos

New York day and night like you’ve never seen before

Have you noticed how beautiful the world becomes at the dusk? Or ever looked over the sky at the dawn? Then you know how magical the transformation of a day to night or a night to day. For me, the earth reaches its highest peak of magnificence at those times. Then, what about showing those contrasts in a single photo? That’s got to be exciting. Photographer Stephen Wilkes, for his fine art project New York in the beautiful patches of day and night, spent up to 15 hours in a single frame of different New York places, which resulted in some extraordinary photos, combined finely to portray the transition of day and night in famous NYC points. So, let’s just indulge into the breathtaking shots to see it all NYC has to offer, especially if you have never been in there.


Washington Square Park, NYC

Washington Square Park, NYC Day and Night


Times Square, NYC

Times Square, NYC Day and Night


The Highline, NYC

The Highline, NYC Day and Night


The Flatiron, NYC

The Flatiron, NYC Day and Night


Park Avenue, NYC

Park Avenue, NYC Day and Night


Gramercy Park, NYC

Gramercy Park, NYC Day and Night


Coney Island

Coney Island Day and Night


Central Park, NYC

Central Park, NYC Day and Night

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