The Best Off the Beaten Track Travel Destinations

The Best Off the Beaten Track Travel Destinations

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Who doesn’t love travel? Whether you’ve been lucky enough to strap a backpack to you and lace up your hiking boots, or if you love to daydream about your eventual round-the-world jaunt, most of us hope to see the world soon. There are some classics that many people talk about seeing – Paris, Rome, Rio – but many travelers are turning their sights on lesser-known destinations.

Here are some of the best off the beaten track travel destinations we could find. Starting in Europe, we’ve got…

travel off the beaten track moldova


Sandwiched between Romania and Ukraine, this is pretty much the least-visited place in Eastern Europe. When you consider its beautiful parks, amazing wine industry, and gorgeous nature, we don’t know why.

Tip: Visit Chişinău, the capital city, much of which was destroyed during the War. The center is still beautiful, so enjoy wandering around there! After discovering the capital, go to the famous Cave Monastery and see how a handful of monks are slowly rebuilding the area!

Next up, a man-made lake and glorious hidden villages in Albania!

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