Animal Hugs – sometimes it is better than the human ones


When you really need a hug, go for an animal hug!

“Stay away from this post, if you don’t like animals, let alone animal hugs.”
The relation with animal, specially pet animals and a pet lover can be compared with the relationship of books and a bookworm. Both of those keep on giving you, although two completely different things without expecting anything in return. That is exactly what makes an animal hug as special as it is. No explanation, nothing to worry about and obviously no risk of refusal; just give a hug to your favorite pet if you feel like to. You are surely going to feel loved, and sometimes secured. Here are some adorable pictures of people, from kids to grown up men and women enjoying sweet little animal hugs.

Confused Animal Hugs


Don’t worry! You are protected

Affectionate Animal Hugs


Chicken Animal Hugs

Cat hug animation Animal Hugs

Ape Animal Hugs


Dare to come close?

Dangerous snake Animal Hugs

Cutest Animal Hugs


Thanks god, you are home

Adorable Dog Animal Hugs

Cute little lamb Animal Hugs

Cute Little Animal Hug

Cow Animal Hugs

Hug like a baby Animal Hugs


Here is my best friend

Horse Animal Hug


Give me your broadness

Elephant Animal Hug

Elephant 2 Animal Hug


Wish me the sweetest dream

Dog Animal Hug

Who Doesn't Love to hug Animal Hugs

Supporting Hug Animal Hug


My beloved

Snowy Animal Hugs

Small Beauty Animal Hug


What are you doing?

Lion Kiss Animal Hug

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