Famous Butt Girl you’d like to know for sure

Sexy Butt girl is here for your entertainment

World is full of mystery. Some people find it in taking risks, some find it in adventures, some find it in typical lifestyles and rest of the others find it in woman’s body. Women are mysterious indeed which a man can never solve. People needs a specialty to get famous and this butt girl Jen Selter has it all. She is beautiful, sexy, hot and mostly famous for her enormous and gigantic butt. She has 5.9m followers on Instagram, and I think a small portion is there for her fitness training tips. Men are there to watch her and the women are there to be like her. World is full of perverts and they refuse to miss any of the chance to watch her. I’ll not keep you waiting, just take a look……


Would you call it balance or skill?

Would you call it balance or skill Butt Girl


When girls can pull off a dress?

When girls can pull off a dress Butt Girl


That killer pose

That killer pose Butt Girl


Tea Break!! Let me take a picture!!

Tea Break!! Let me take a picture!! Butt Girl

After a long weekend it’s time to get back on my workout grind..Excited to start the week and my journey with @FitTea! #TeaLover


She is beautiful too

She is beautiful too Butt Girl

You’re always on my mind


Peace of mind comes with the fit body

Peace of mind comes with the fit body Butt Girl

Wake up every morning and do your best to follow this daily to-do list:
1.Think positive.
2.Eat healthy.
4.Worry less.
5.Work hard.
6.Sleep well.


Ohhh!!! Holy Sh**!!

Ohhh!!! Holy Shite!! Butt Girl


It’s too heavy

It's too heavy Butt Girl


Beautiful girl in Bikini

Beautiful girl in Bikini Butt Girl


Bad Ass!!! Really??

Bad Ass!!! Really Butt Girl

This post was inspired by the work of Jen Selter and photos are taken from her instagram account @jenselter.


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