Seductive Mia Khalifa – Porn Star can be Funny too

Amazing photos of #1 porn star Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa, a Lebanese born porn star is a hot cake in social media nowadays. She took her twitter and instagram accounts to create some controversy which you can call as a negative marketing. But that does not take the full credit of her popularity. She is hot, sexy and seductive. Above all, she is a girl with great humor and her funny posts prove that as well. Any guy would dream about her. She is an Arabian beauty raised in Miami. She likes all sort of American guys and exploring them as much as she likes. She’s rebelling with the society to create a sexual liberation. She hurt the feelings of her fellow Arabs and Lebanese people just to gain popularity, but she doesn’t fear anyone. She got death threats and curse from all over, but she never stopped. Take a look at her some of the best photos taken from her Instagram account where there are 1.2m people following her.



Thoughtful Mia Khalifa

His eyes look sharp and steady / Into the empty parts of me / But still my heart is heavy / With the hate of some other man’s beliefs – @hozier


Party is at home, why goin’ out?

Party is at home, why goin' out Mia Khalifa

When people try to hang out with me:


Naughty Burka Covered Girl

Naughty Burka Covered Girl Mia Khalifa


Lucky Puddles!!

Lucky Puddles!! Mia Khalifa

Puddles the Pug creeping on me while I change.


Just opening up For you

Just opening up For you Mia Khalifa

#TBT to #bts on my website cover shoot. God, I’m just a ray of sunshine


Hilarious face expression

Hilarious face expression Mia Khalifa

The face I make when someone who doesn’t like FSU tries to talk to me.


Dream Move for Mia

Dream Move for Miah Mia Khalifa



DIRECTV Ad Mia Khalifa


Beautiful Mia Without Glass

Beautiful Miah Without Glass Mia Khalifa

I wanna run through your wicked garden.


Kidnap Secret Revealed

Kidnap Secret Revealed Mia Khalifa


This post was inspired by the brave life story of Mia Khalifa and most of the photos were taken from her Instagram account nicknamed @miakhalifa1.


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