Amazing Small Towns – Small in Size, Bigger in Beauty

These small towns can be your dream town

People are really tired of urbanization or so called modernization. 50 years back, people wanted it. But now, people really do not want it. They want to escape from the capital and find a small town where they can live peacefully, breath the fresh air and hear the soothing bird chirp. People are tired of modern cities mostly for the crowd, pollution of all kinds and disturbance created by the environment. People are going mad in these cities. No one wants to live there if they are guaranteed a minimum earnings elsewhere. People are bound to live here, so they live. Smaller towns are the dreams of every people in their aged period. You can say after retirement. These towns have lesser facilities and lesser luxuries. But the most precious thing lies here. Peace of mind, natural beauty, oxygen, mountain, river, boat riding and most importantly you can find some opportunity to breath in the fresh air. These are priceless. You can never find it on a modern city. People dreams of a good life and good life is a thing you can never find on a modern city.

There are many disadvantages in these towns and it is not possible for most of the people to move forever, but you can move for a month in a year to get the taste. Children, Mid-aged and aged, everyone should go for a holiday here. Here are some photos to give you some ideas of where to move for a holiday.



Yangshou Small Towns



Tuscany Small Towns



Scilla Small Towns


San Marino

San Marino Small Towns


Reine Small Towns



Queenstown Small Towns



Qaqortoq Small Towns



Portofino Small Towns



Mosel Small Towns



Molyvos Small Towns



Manarola Small Towns



Livno Small Towns


Jiuzhaigou – The Hidden Village

Jiuzhaigou – The Hidden Village Small Towns



Jiufan Small Towns


Himalayas’ Village

Himalayas’ Village Small Towns



Halstatt Small Towns



Goreme Small Town



Dazhai Small Town



Damuls Small Town



Colmar Small Town


Chinese Village

Chinese Village Small Town


Cemoro Lawang

Cemoro Lawang Small Town



Cappadocia Small Town



Burano Small Town



Bled Small Town


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