Photographs of the breathtaking misty villages in Poland and Italy

Photographs of the breathtaking misty villages in Poland and Italy

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These Italian and Polish misty villages are amazing

All of us travelers have forced ourselves at some point or another, waking up early to witness the sun rising up with all of its glory. Because when the sun rises, it creates a glorious golden ambience that turns any landscapes looking as divine as anything. Now, add that light and ambience with the dark or grayish layers of the mist! Oh! I know how you are feeling right now! Photographer Marcin Sobas is lucky enough to enjoy those views in abundance, and that too in the wonderful rural landscapes of Poland and Italy. Enjoy his generous compilation of the best shots captured during the visit.

Wooden hut (Beskidy – Poland)
Wooden hut Beskidy – Poland Misty Villages

Village in clouds (Beskidy – Poland)
Village in clouds Beskidy – Poland Misty Villages

The Island (Beskidy – Poland)
The Island Beskidy – Poland Misty Villages

The first touch of light (Beskidy – Poland)
The first touch of light Beskidy – Poland Misty Villages

Small house (Beskidy – Poland)
Small house Beskidy – Poland Misty Villages

Sleepy morning (Tuscany – Italy)
Sleepy morning Tuscany – Italy Misty Villages

On the mountain glade (Beskidy – Poland)
On the mountain glade Beskidy – Poland Misty Villages

Morning misty layers (Tuscany – Italy)
Morning misty layers Tuscany – Italy Misty Villages

Misty hills (Tuscany – Italy)
Misty hills Tuscany – Italy Misty Villages

In the mist (Tuscany – Italy)
In the mist Tuscany – Italy Misty Villages

In the autumn valley (Beskidy – Poland)
In the autumn valley Beskidy – Poland Misty Villages

In heaven (Tuscany – Italy)
In heaven Tuscany – Italy Misty Villages

Hidden houses (Beskidy – Poland)
Hidden houses Beskidy – Poland Misty Village

Different worlds (Beskidy – Poland)
Different worlds Beskidy – Poland Misty Village

Between clouds and mists (Tuscany – Italy)
Between clouds and mists Tuscany – Italy Misty Village

At the dawn (Beskidy – Poland)
At the dawn Beskidy – Poland Misty Villages

This post was collected from the Facebook page of the photographer Thanks!

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