Funny AirBNB – Outstanding and Funny Rentals For Travelers

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Funny AirBNB Rentals – The Places You Would Love To Stay At

“Details of 22 funny AirBNB rentals that are unique in their context and desperately seductive for travelers.”
AirBNB is a social networking platform focused solely on travelers. It connects the people all over the world, both who are looking for a place to stay in their travelling destination, and the people in those communities who are happy to provide by renting their spare places. However, in doing so, AirBNB has turned into a spectacular gallery of unique architecture.

Here are the details of a few of our most dreamt rentals, where people are dying to stay someday.


22. Yellowstone Tipi

Placed within a minute distance from the Yellowstone National Park, the tipis offers a unique opportunity of indulging into the nature through all sorts of forms – sight, sound and smell.
Location: West Yellowstone, MT, United States
Price: $110/night

Yellowstone Tipi Funny AirBNB

Yellowstone Tipi 2 Funny AirBNB



21. The Boot

Ever wondered how it would feel to have a B&B experience in place came out directly from a fairy tale? Get into The Boot and everything is already arranged for you.
Location: Tasman, Tasman, New Zealand

The Boot Funny AirBNB
The Boot 2 Funny AirBNB



20. Vintage Airstream

Bored of staying at same designed villas on the beach? Search no more, the Vintage Airstream placed beside the beautiful Australian coast provides an unmatched variation to comfort the frequent beach travelers.
Location: Peggy Sue, Rye, Victoria, Australia

Vintage Airstream Epic AirBNBVintage Airstream 2 Epic AirBNB



19. Romantic Amapas with Infinity Pool

They have created a sea out of an apartment swimming pool. The pool may be the mightiest attraction of this Mexican place, but the rooms and views are great too.
Location: Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

Romantic Amapas with Infinity Pool Romantic AirBNBRomantic Amapas with Infinity Pool 2 Romantic AirBNB


18. Glass Tree House

You probably are thinking why on earth this tree house is here! We know you have seen plenty of those around. Whatever, you may want to check this one out as it is made out of glass providing a complete view of the surroundings.
Location: Atlanta, GA, United States

Glass Tree House Epic AirBNBGlass Tree House 2 Epic AirBNB


17. King of the Castle

Tell me who wouldn’t love to stay in an Irish castle that we have seen plenty in British films? I certainly would and this place is firmly put on my bucket list.
Location: Galway, Galway, Ireland
Price: $144/night

King of the Castle 2 Epic AirBNB

16. Night on a Yacht

Don’t curse yourself, as you don’t have a millionaire partner, or you for not having a blonde bombshell. Just be happy with your blessings….and…get on the Old Dream yacht for a romantic getaway.
Location: Sóller, Balearic Islands, Spain

Night on a Yacht Romantic AirBNBNight on a Yacht 2 Romantic AirBNB



15. Glass Cabin

Wondered about creating a dream villa from recycled glass? Don’t flatter yourself, we know you haven’t. However, you can stay at one if you wish.
Location: Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Glass Cabin Epic AirBNB

Glass Cabin 2 Epic AirBNB


14. Geodesic Dome

Stay in this dome in the center of Bethlehem without power or heating tools; to get a real taste of pre civilization livelihood.
Location: Bethlehem, CT, United States

Geodesic Dome Epic AirBNBGeodesic Dome 2 Epic AirBNB


13. Fairytale Treehouse

The house seems to come out of the movie The Lord of the Rings – don’t worry, you don’t have to start planning a trip to New Zealand. The dream house is happily waiting in Atlanta.
Location: Atlanta, GA, United States

Fairytale Treehouse Epic AirBNBFairytale Treehouse 2 Epic AirBNB


12. A-Frame Cabin

At the wilderness of California, there comes a cabin featuring a full outdoor kitchen, wood-fired sauna, an organic garden and holistic massage options. Bring it on, please!
Location: Gasquet, CA, United States

A-Frame Cabin Epic AirBNB
A-Frame Cabin 2 Epic AirBNB


11. Spend the night in an Igloo

Ever envied the researcher of Antarctica? Book a room in the stunning Iglu Village, placed into the mind-blowing Kühtai ski resort, in Austria.
Location: Kühtai, Tirol, Austria

Spend the night in an Igloo Epic AirBNB
Spend the night in an Igloo 2 Epic AirBNB



10. Clock Tower Guest Suite

The famous watch tower of the St Pancras sports a luxury flat, with an astonishing view of the St Paul’s Cathedral and the Kings Cross Station.
Location: Greater London, United Kingdom

Clock Tower Guest Suite Epic AirBNB
Clock Tower Guest Suite 2 Epic AirBNB


9. Jungle Tree House

Overlooking an ocean, there is a tree house! Sounds attractive already, how about a sight to the amazing wildlife of Africa? It just can’t wait, can it?
Location: San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nicaragua

Jungle Tree House Romantic AirBNB
Jungle Tree House 2 Romantic AirBNB


8. Dog Bark Park Inn

Missing your pet on the tour? Just stay in the Giant Dog of Cottonwood. The beagle shaped inn is probably the funniest, yet amazing rentals on offer in AirBNB.
Location: Cottonwood, ID, United States

Dog Bark Park Inn B&B Funny AirBNB

Dog Bark Park Inn B&B 2 Funny AirBNB

7. Night Under the Stars

Like to look at the Stars indefinitely at night? Book a place soon at the only franchise of the famous astronomical hotel in the south. The skies of Elqui Valley will be yours.
Location: Paiguano, Coquimbo, Chile

Night Under the Stars Romantic AirBNB
Night Under the Stars 2 Romantic AirBNB


6. Stay the Night in a Beer Barrel

This is probably made for the Beer lovers! The villa at Ostbevern has a collection of Barrels from 19th century to 1955 which offers single bed or double bed accommodation.
Location: Ostbevern, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Stay the Night in a Beer Barrel Funny AirBNB
Stay the Night in a Beer Barrel 2 Funny AirBNB


5. Tree Sparrow House

Hanging in an Ash tree, this particular tree house looks like made entirely by the tree itself, not to mention with the utmost of care. The magical countryside and the sweeping seashore combine to create a peaceful holiday.
Location: St. Keverne, England, United Kingdom

Tree Sparrow House Romantic AirBNB
Tree Sparrow House 2 Romantic AirBNB


4. The Seashell House

Just take a selfie and put it on your Instagram saying you are inside a seashell. Your friends will struggle to believe, but they wouldn’t be able to come to a certain judgment either. This beautiful piece of architecture is top to bottom themed around seashells to fuel people’s imagination.
Location: Isla Mujeres, Mexico

The Seashell House Epic AirBNB
The Seashell House 2 Epic AirBNB


3. Cubehouse

The WWII might have destroyed much of Rotterdam, it also created the opportunity for architects to dress the city with new ideas. Call me a dreadful person if you like, but first have a look at these cubic houses which are pretty normal, just a bit turned in 45 degree angle!
Location: Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands

Cubehouse Epic AirBNB
Cubehouse 2 Epic AirBNB


2. Airplane Suite

A plane has been turned into a single luxury suite for two guests that features a Jacuzzi, sauna and 3 flat screen TVs! You have dreamt about staying on a plane a lot in your childhood, haven’t you?!
Location: Teuge, Gelderland, Netherlands

Airplane Suite Funny AirBNB
Airplane Suite 2 Funny AirBNB


1. Alone on your very own Fiji Island

This tiny little island in Fiji has is probably the best place on earth to enjoy the vacation. This Nanuku Island is just having an area of 10 acres full with sandy shores and greeneries. In seasons, visitors can enjoy fleets of turtles laying their eggs on the beautiful sands.
Location: NanukuLevu, Fiji

Alone on your very own Fiji Island Romantic AirBNB
Alone on your very own Fiji Island 2 Romantic AirBNB

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