Collages of dreamlike buildings rethinks the German architecture

Wish I could build one of these dreamlike buildings!

Matthias Jung is a passionate man. He carries a passion of collage making that started long before the inventions of digital photo processing, with a glue and scissors. Mr. Matthias is also passionate about designing dream houses for himself. So, why not collaborating the two passions and create something that satisfy the both desires?! Matthias did just that. He captured the landscapes, Rocky Mountains, buildings of all kinds and many other things during his trip through East Germany. Then he cut, join, mix and stitched those photos like a brilliant professionals that resulted in designing some wonderful, but bizarre, and somewhat dreamlike buildings displaying the magical potential of German architecture. Enjoy the dream houses below.

Our expedition to the Eastpole Dreamlike Buildings

Ostheim Dreamlike Buildings

On the way to Kamchatka Dreamlike Buildings

Malakoff Dreamlike Buildings

Land of evening Dreamlike Buildings

Emigration office Dreamlike Buildings

Dreamlike Buildings

An Sgurr Dreamlike Buildings

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