Amazing Illustrations That Portrays a Redesigned World

The earth looks more beautiful in these amazing illustrations

What if you could build a house under the roots of a big tree? What if the lakes of our parks could bend its way like a newly introduced curved smartphone display? Or can you imagine your whole house, with a thick layer of soil under it, floating in the sky hugged by the misty clouds? I know, those are just imagination that have almost zero possibility to turn into a reality. However, Gediminas Pranchkevicius, a Lithuanian illustrator tried to give a form to his such daring imagination. After attaining the basic principles of illustrative art at the Academy of fine arts in fresco, he devoted himself to design the planet earth as he wished; and boy, how stunningly he did just that! Let’s have a look.

Time Amazing Illustrations

Slice of life Amazing Illustrations

Secret place Amazing Illustrations

Perpetuum mobile Amazing Illustrations

Hope Amazing Illustrations

Coffee Date Amazing Illustrations

Autumn Amazing Illustrations

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