Bad Place? The world isn’t one of those, not yet!

These pictures prove that it is still a good peoples’ world

When life gives a lemon, no matter how much in quantity; instead of making a lemonade, we tend to lose all of our hopes on humanity. ‘The world is full of bad people’, we moan! No, the world isn’t just full of bad people. It is full of good natured people too, people who has gentle and caring heart. Those are the people who remain in the shadows, doing work for people or even animals without any sort of expectation of a return. They don’t do you a favor, rather they do what they do out of their humane responsibility. So, ladies and gentlemen, let’s just take a moment to relish the blessings of some great human beings which will prove that world is not a bad place yet.


Together since 1954

Together since 1954 Bad Place


Thirsty Seagull

Thirsty Seagull Bad Place


Soldier bridge saving the flood affected people

Soldier bridge Bad Place


Unknown Friend

Unknown Friend Bad Place


Awesome dad

Understanding dad Bad Place


Smile is precious too

Smile Bad Place


Parking problem solved

Parking problem solved Bad Place


Offer For Unemployed People

Offer For Unemployed People Bad Place


Inspiration For a dumped person

Inspiration For a dumped person Bad Place


Help For Old Man

Help For Old Man Bad Place


Good Guy marine

Good Guy marine Bad Place


Cute babies didn’t even know each other

Cute babies didn't even know each other Bad Place


Cop helping

Cop helping Bad Place


Cat saved from rain

Cat saved from rain Bad Places


Cancer inspiration

Cancer inspiration Bad Places


Caine’s Invention

Caine's invention Bad Places


Beer dumped, police ahead

Beer dumped, police ahead Bad Places


Awesome security guard

Awesome security guard Bad Places


This guy have the most precious thing, and that is honesty

Awesome human being Bad Places


Ahmad and Fatima is a married couple helping each other. Ahmad has no hands and Fatima has no legs.

Ahmad and Fatima Bad Places


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