Adorable stuffed animal created from tiny crochet

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These tiny crochet toys are so cute

As a kid, we all love to play with stuffed animal toys. It’s been almost impossible to find a kid who goes to his bed without his/her little animal friend, be it a teddy or anything else. That’s how we learn about amigurumi, a Japanese art to knit or crochet a little stuffed animal or some other little creatures. Usually, the designs and the patterns look so beautiful that anyone, irrespective of their age, would love to play with it for a while. Although a Japanese art in origin, the Vietnamese are also doing very well with the technique. Su Ami, a family amigurumi initiative from Vietnam recently has grabbed our eyes by their unique and very adorable design patterns. Let’s have a look yourself.


Whale with a horn

Whale with a horn Tiny Crochet


Super Fast Tortoise

Super Fast Tortoise Tiny Crochet


Snowy Tiny Crochet

Small Panda

Small Panda Tiny Crochet

Scared Sheep

Scared Sheep Tiny Crochet

Sad Lion

Sad Lion Tiny Crochet

Poker faced Goat

Poker faced Goat Tiny Crochet

Pink Whale

Pink Whale Tiny Crochet

Pet Monkey

Pet Monkey Tiny Crochet

Nice Bird

Nice Bird Tiny Crochet

Kissing Swan

Kissing Swan Tiny Crochet

Killer Dragon

Killer Dragon Tiny Crochet



Insect Tiny Crochet


Innocent Tiger

Innocent Tiger Tiny Crochets



Elephant Tiny Crochets



Donkey Tiny Crochets


Cute Puppy

Cute Puppy Tiny Crochets


Cute Giraffe

Cute Giraffe Tiny Crochets


Cute Cat

Cute Cat Tiny Crochets


Confused Owl

Confused Owl Tiny Crochets


Clever Fox

Clever Fox Tiny Crochets


Awesome couple

Awesome couple Tiny Crochets


Charming Dog

Adorable Dog Tiny Crochets


Adorable animal

Adorable animal Tiny Crochets


This Dog Knows Everything

This Dog Knows Everything Tiny Crochets


This post was inspired by etsy. Thanks!


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