Some very cool inventions you haven’t probably seen before

I know what I want for my next birthday! Cool inventions

Some inventions are revolutionary, they change the whole complexion of the world. Some inventions are very effective, they increase our productivity and change the way we do things since forever. And then, there are some cool inventions, which probably doesn’t come as much of a help, but definitely improve the outlook, while giving a bit of a chance to show off a little. Today, we decided to dig deep in the internet, in order to find some of those cool inventions, which has to be cool in outlook and also can’t be defined as totally useless. There was a challenge on hand, eh? Let’s have a look to see how we have fared.


Yank Plug

Yank Plug Cool Inventions


Weight-measuring chopping board

Weight-measuring chopping board Cool Inventions


Waterproof Touchscreen Keyboard

Waterproof Touchscreen Keyboard Cool Inventions


The Never-Get-Out-Of-Bed Table

The Never-Get-Out-Of-Bed Table Cool Inventions


Sneaker Wash and Dry Bag

Sneaker Wash and Dry Bag Cool Inventions


Safe Trampoline

Safe Trampoline Cool Inventions


Pot for Pasta

Pot for Pasta Cool Inventions


Portable Keyboard for Smartphone

Portable Keyboard for Smartphone Cool Inventions


Pocket Light

Pocket Light Cool Inventions


Plug Sockets on Bed Legs

Plug Sockets on Bed Legs Cool Inventions


Nutella Knife

Nutella Knife Cool Inventions


No More Icky Soap Holders

No More Icky Soap Holders Cool Inventions


No Dead Arm Cuddle Mattress

No Dead Arm Cuddle Mattress Cool Invention


Lightsaber Toasting Knife

Lightsaber Toasting Knife Cool Invention


Light Changes According to Temperature Shower Head

Light Changes According to Temperature Shower Head Cool Inventions


Flip Flop Beer Holder

Flip Flop Beer Holder Cool Invention


Fanny Pack for Dog

Fanny Pack for Dog Cool Invention


Edge Painting Tool

Edge Painting Tool Cool Invention


All Ears Open Pillow

All Ears Open Pillow Cool Invention


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