You won’t believe what is so special about this underwear

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We all do it…

What do all humans absolutely share? Everyone eats, breathes, drinks and, well, farts. Yes, blow gas. And sometimes, the smell is inconvenient. And that’s why this invention is pure smart. And it’s so nice that I vote for it as the perfect gift idea for that guy or girl that already has it all. Now you too can fart with confidence!


Anti Fart Underwear - Fart with Confidence


Anti Fart Underwear

They call it flatulence filtering underwear and it’s made by Shreddies. Every such pair of anti farting underwear features a Zorflex activated carbon back panel that absorbs all flatulence odours. In other words, it has a special filter on your ass, that let’s the wind out without the odor.

In the manufacturer’s British accent:

Due to its highly porous nature, the odour vapours become trapped and neutralised by the cloth, which is then reactivated by simply washing the garment.

Anti Fart Underwear - Ass Kiss


Underwear Gift Idea for Men and Women

You can shop for these brilliant anti fart underwear on their website. With a variety of options for men, women and kids, this can be a great gift idea. Price range is around $35 and lower for larger orders.

Anti Fart Underwear


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