Best Star Wars Gifts

Welcome to Best Star Wars Gift Ideas: The ultimate guide for the die-hard Star Wars fan.

Don’t miss my personal favorites, the Death Star ice molds and the surprising gift idea of the year – the Han In Carbonite shower curtain.

As this list proves, there’s nothing globe-shaped that can’t become a Death Star; nothing flat and circular that can’t become a Millennium Falcon; and nearly everything else in existence can be divvied up between R2-D2 and Yoda when it comes to merchandising.

We’ve avoided the obvious toys and T-shirts. We’ve definitely tracked down a few more bizarre items too. So, what are you waiting for? Get browsing. And may be the purchasing Force be with you.

Star Wars Gifts 1 Pizza Cutter


R2-D2 Pizza Cutter

Bored of slicing your quattro formaggi with a revolving Enterprise, which has been the default sci-fi pizza partitioner for years now? Buy yourself an R2-D2 pizza cutter and cut through that crust like a lightsaber through Sith Lords.

Star Wars Gifts 2 Death Star Beach Ball


Death Star Beach Ball

Of course, after The Force Awakens is released all Star Wars-related beach balls will be BB8-themed. But for some classic Empire-style planet-destroying action on the beach this summer, this Death Star beach ball is fully operational.


Star Wars Gifts 3 Folding Chair


Folding Chair

When you’re on the beach, between bouts of of playing with your Death Star beach ball why not relax in this Clone Trooper folding chair? Buy a few and it’ll look like you’ve cloned them.

Star Wars Gifts 4 LED Millennium Falcon


Colour-Changing LED Millennium Falcon

Luke may have called Han’s ship a piece of junk, but even he would gone, “Aw, pretty!” if he’d seen this colour-changing LED Millennium Falcon. Designed to go on your wall, it can glow 16 colours, which you can customise to suit your

mood/lifestyle/colour scheme/Force aura or whatever.

Star Wars Gifts 5 Han Solo Bottle Opener


Han Solo Bottle Opener

Han may be frozen in carbonite but that’s no reason he can’t be put to good use. Say, as a Han Solo bottle opener, for example.

Star Wars Gifts 6 Rebel Backpack


Rebel Backpack

One of those wonderfully subtle bits of Star Wars merchandise that just looks like a really cool – and practical – backpack to people who aren’t into sci-fi. But those in the know will recognise the colour scheme and the the badge – this is a Rebel Alliance backpack. You can be a stealth geek!


Star Wars Gifts 7 Chess Set


Star Wars Gifts: Chess Set

Not, sadly, a working version of the 3D chess in A New Hope but a darned fine alternative – Star Wars Chess Set. Great star wars gift idea for the smarter fan. Just remember (altogether now): “Let the Wookiee win.”

Star Wars Gifts 8 Dog Bantha Costume


Dog’s Bantha Costume

We’re entering pets’ corner now for a while with a few gifts from a galaxy far, far away for your four-legged friends. If your pooch has absolutely no self-esteem at all, buy them a Bantha fancy dress costume. Rover may never be able to show his face to his canine mates again, but your mates will love it.


Star Wars Gifts 9 Darth Dog Bowl


Darth Dog Bowl

On the other hand, your best furry friend will love you for buying them this stylish dog bowl. Will Darth turn them to the bark side?

Star Wars Gifts 10 Cat Teaser


Cat Teaser

Cats need not feel left out. Stop them terrorising sparrows by wearing them out terrorising a plush

Millennium Falcon cat teaser instead. Falcons are clearly more braggable about than sparrows, anyway.


Star Wars Gifts 11 Stormtrooper Hooded Jacket


Stormtrooper Hooded Jacket

There is a galaxy of Star Wars-branded attire out there (not very far away, just in the local supermarket) and as we said in the intro, we’re not going to highlight any of the zillions of T-shirts (comedy or otherwise) you can get because that’s a whole feature in itself. But we are going to bring to your attention some of the more unusual and stylish pieces of clothing, including this striking Stormtrooper hooded jacket. Zip it right up for the total look.

Star Wars Gifts 12 Chewbacca Slippers


Chewbacca Slippers

Leia may have called Chewbacca a walking carpet but she never realised that one day she would be able to walk in Wookiee carpet slippers. This is a great star wars gift idea for her as well.


Star Wars Gifts 13 Princess Leia Beanie


Princess Leia Beanie

Now you can have buns just like Princess Leia! Stop sniggering. We mean her hair buns of course, thanks to this Princess Leia beanie.

Star Wars Gifts 14 R2-D2 Beanie Hat


R2-D2 Beanie Hat

Alternatively, if you fancy something a bit more stitchpunk on your bonce there’s this R2-D2 woolly hat that comes in a variety of sizes from baby droid to old-enough-to-know-better droid.

Star Wars Gifts 15 Duck Tape


Star Wars Duck Tape

This has to rate as one of least predictable bits of Star Wars merchandise we found. There’s another George Lucas film that would seem a more obvious fit (Howard The Duck Tape, anyone?) but hey, we’re happy to wrap things up with the Star Wars duck tape. Especially gungans.


Star Wars Gifts 16 Millennium Falcon Guitar Pick


Millennium Falcon Guitar Pick

Pretend you’re Brian May by playing the Imperial March atop Naboo’s Theed Royal Palace while strumming your axe with a Millennium Falcon guitar pick. Nice low cost Star Wars gift idea.

Star Wars Gifts 17 Giant Poster


Giant Poster

Big is beautiful, so spruce up your living room/man cave/study/studio with this eight-piece giant poster. Its full size is 168 x 59.4cm/66 x 23.4 inches and it’s printed on high quality 250gms thick Satin paper. As it says on the instructions with any droid you buy from Ikea – some assembly required.

Star Wars Gifts 18 Lightsaber Dive Sticks


Lightsaber Dive Sticks

These are lightsaber dive sticks. No we didn’t know what a dive stick was either. But they light up underwater. You lob them into pools then encourage Younglings to dive for them and learn to swim. Hopefully.

Star Wars Gifts 19 Millennium Falcon Cutting Board


Millennium Falcon Cutting Board

Perfect for when you’re preparing gungans and dianoga for that seafood stew – the Millennium Falcon cutting board.

Star Wars Gifts 20 Pancake Molds


Star Wars Pancake Molds

If you buy these Star Wars pancake molds then get a whole of you together to cook and flip the pancakes at the same time, you can recreate dogfight scenes from the film in batter.

Star Wars Gifts 21 Umbrella


Star Wars Gift Ideas: Umbrella

If you’ve got a business trip to Dagobah or Kamino you’re going to need this Star Wars brolly.

Star Wars Gifts 22 Apron and Mittens


Apron and Mittens

This is the perfect Star Wars gift idea for father’s day. For all budding Darth Bakers out there, shield yorself against stains and scolding with the ultimate in Sith kitchen armour – Darth Vader apron and oven mitts.

Star Wars Gifts 23 Talking Chewbacca plush


Talking Chewbacca plush

How cute? This blow-dried baby talking Chewie bears more than a passing resemblance to Fizzgig from The Dark Crystal. Also you have to remember that talking for Chewie means roaring and growling – he doesn’t suddenly adopt the voice of Stephen Fry and regale you with anecdotes about the old days on Kashyyyk.

Star Wars Gifts 24 Star Wars headphones


Star Wars Headphones

These top quality, stylish headphones with some subtle Star Wars logo-adornments are prefect for listening to some banging sounds. Or to drown out the banging sounds if you’re stuck on the Millennium Falcon at night with Han and Leia. The Star Wars headphones are available in Rebel Alliance, Boba Fett and Galactic editions.

Star Wars Gifts 25 Wampa rug


WTF? Wampa rug

Now this is what you need in front of the fire! A genuine wampa-hide rug. Enslaved Leia not included.

Star Wars Gifts 26 Death Star juggling balls


Death Star juggling balls

Juggling life as the Lord Of The Sith and a film trailer voiceover artist left Vader with very little downtime to relax. In those few brief moments he did have to himself he liked nothing better than playing with his balls. And now you can too with these Death Star juggling balls just like the ones Vader used. Probably. Juggling miniature versions of planet-destroying space hardware is something that should be on everybody’s bucket list, and at seven quid for three balls, it’s considerably cheaper the white-water kayaking in Borneo or whatever.

Star Wars Gifts 27 Leia and Han towels


Leia & Han towels

The one on the right is clearly a Han towel. Geddit? Han towel? Oh, never mind. ‘His and Hers’ towels are usually a concept of cringable tweeness but the addition of a classic moment from The Empire Strikes Back makes this pair a fun thing to have in your bathroom (as long as you’re being tongue-in-cheek about it).

Star Wars Gifts 28 Princess Leia towel


Princess Leia Art Nouveau towel

Not sure why anybody would have the idea of creating a Princess Leia poster in the art nouveau-style of Alfonse Mucha and then sticking it on a beach towel but I’m quite pleased they did.

Star Wars Gifts 29 R2-D2 projecting clock


R2-D2 projecting clock

“Help me, Obi-Wan, it’s nearly bed time.” Clearly riffing off the idea that R2 can project holographic messages, this clock has the little guy projecting the time onto handy nearby surfaces.

Star Wars Gifts 30 Death Star ice molds


Death Star ice molds

Although Borg ships are obviously better-equipped for assimilation into ice cubes, if you fancy something more spherical in your apéritif then Death Star ice molds are what you need. From all this long list of original gift ideas for the Star Wars fan, these Death Star ice molds are my personal favorite.

Star Wars Gifts 31 Star Wars Barbecue Tongs


Star Wars Barbecue Tongs

Just what a budding Jedi needs when the Empire decides to barbecue your Aunt and Uncle – lightsaber BBQ tongs.

Star Wars Gifts 32 X-Wing knife block


X-Wing knife block

Awesome. Whoever thought up the idea of basing a knife block on an X-Wing deserves some kind of design award. Now we all await the Star Destroyer cheese grater and the TIE Fighter food mixer.

Star Wars Gifts 33 Star Wars bar stools


Star Wars bar stools

Turn your breakfast bar into the Mos Eisley cantina with the help of these Star Wars stools. Not that they actually had these stools in the Mos Eisley cantina because that would have been weird and meta.
Star Wars Gifts 34 Lightsaber chopsticks


Lightsaber chopsticks

Something is stir-frying in the Force. Darth Vader won’t find your lack of cutlery disturbing when he releases that you have converted his old lightsabers into chopsticks.

Star Wars Gifts 35 Mini metal spaceships


Star Wars Gift Ideas: Mini metal spaceships

The Professor Puzzle range features a number of brilliantly detailed little metal models of various Star Wars vehicles that you get to build yourself, including an X-Wing, an AT-AT, a TIE Fighter and the Millennium Falcon.

Star Wars Gifts 36 Death Star tea infuser


Death Star tea infuser

If you think tea bags are a little uncouth and you prefer cup of Lapsang, Oolong (both of which could easily be planets in Star Wars) or Darth Jeeling, then what you need to create the prefect brew is a Death Star tea infuser. The perfect winter holidays gift idea for a Star Wars fan.

Star Wars Gifts 37 Han In Carbonite shower curtain


Han In Carbonite shower curtain

Creepy or cool? I cannot make up my mind. But it’s certainly unique. Now you can have Han Solo watching you as you soap your privates thanks this Han In Carbonite shower curtain. Janet Leigh may have survived Psycho if she’d had one of these to scare off Norman Bates.

Star Wars Gifts 38 Death Star rug


Death Star rug

That’s no moon that’s a… gag I’ve used already. This time it’s a Death Star rug the perfect floor covering if you live in a light house. If you don’t, it’s still a great talking piece.

Star Wars Gifts 39 Lightsaber wall-light


Lightsaber wall-light

Remember when we were kids and we’d look up at the tube lighting on the ceiling and think how it’d make a really cool lightsaber? You know, if it didn’t heat up so much and had to be connected to the mains? Decades later and we’ve come full circle with lightsabers now being used as actual lights. Which makes sense if you buy the Luke Skywalker one. If, however, you buy the Darth Vader one, won’t that make your room look a little on the dark side?

Star Wars Gifts 40 R2-D2 pop-up storage bin


R2-D2 pop-up storage bin

This is not just a bin, it’s a pop-up bin that you can fold away when not in use. So it’s a bin that you can compact. Not to be confused with a trash compactor, which is bigger, wetter, smellier and so far unavailable in Argos.

Star Wars Gifts 41 folded flyers


Klutz Star Wars folded flyers

The paper aeroplane has evolved. Now you can fold your own Star Wars space ships. And they really fly, according to the blurb. Which would be a vast improvement on the nose-diving antics of 99% of paper aeroplanes ever made.

Star Wars Gifts 42 Lego Ewok Village


Lego Ewok Village

Finally, that one expensive item on the list, but if you do have $250 to spare there’s nothing better to spend it on than a Lego Ewok village. And if you do buy it, let me know, because I really, really want to come round and help you build it.


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