Best Star Wars Gifts

Best Star Wars Gifts

Welcome to Best Star Wars Gift Ideas: The ultimate guide for the die-hard Star Wars fan.

Don’t miss my personal favorites, the Death Star ice molds and the surprising gift idea of the year – the Han In Carbonite shower curtain.

As this list proves, there’s nothing globe-shaped that can’t become a Death Star; nothing flat and circular that can’t become a Millennium Falcon; and nearly everything else in existence can be divvied up between R2-D2 and Yoda when it comes to merchandising.

We’ve avoided the obvious toys and T-shirts. We’ve definitely tracked down a few more bizarre items too. So, what are you waiting for? Get browsing. And may be the purchasing Force be with you. Next Click, Will You?

Star Wars Gifts 1 Pizza Cutter

R2-D2 Pizza Cutter

Bored of slicing your quattro formaggi with a revolving Enterprise, which has been the default sci-fi pizza partitioner for years now? Buy yourself an R2-D2 pizza cutter and cut through that crust like a lightsaber through Sith Lords.

Star Wars Gifts 2 Death Star Beach Ball

Death Star Beach Ball

Of course, after The Force Awakens is released all Star Wars-related beach balls will be BB8-themed. But for some classic Empire-style planet-destroying action on the beach this summer, this Death Star beach ball is fully operational.

Star Wars Gifts 3 Folding Chair

Folding Chair

When you’re on the beach, between bouts of of playing with your Death Star beach ball why not relax in this Clone Trooper folding chair? Buy a few and it’ll look like you’ve cloned them.

Star Wars Gifts 4 LED Millennium Falcon

Colour-Changing LED Millennium Falcon

Luke may have called Han’s ship a piece of junk, but even he would gone, “Aw, pretty!” if he’d seen this colour-changing LED Millennium Falcon. Designed to go on your wall, it can glow 16 colours, which you can customise to suit your

mood/lifestyle/colour scheme/Force aura or whatever.

Star Wars Gifts 5 Han Solo Bottle Opener

Han Solo Bottle Opener

Han may be frozen in carbonite but that’s no reason he can’t be put to good use. Say, as a Han Solo bottle opener, for example.

Star Wars Gifts 6 Rebel Backpack

Rebel Backpack

One of those wonderfully subtle bits of Star Wars merchandise that just looks like a really cool – and practical – backpack to people who aren’t into sci-fi. But those in the know will recognise the colour scheme and the the badge – this is a Rebel Alliance backpack. You can be a stealth geek!

Star Wars Gifts 7 Chess Set

Star Wars Gifts: Chess Set

Not, sadly, a working version of the 3D chess in A New Hope but a darned fine alternative – Star Wars Chess Set. Great star wars gift idea for the smarter fan. Just remember (altogether now): “Let the Wookiee win.”

Star Wars Gifts 8 Dog Bantha Costume

Dog’s Bantha Costume

We’re entering pets’ corner now for a while with a few gifts from a galaxy far, far away for your four-legged friends. If your pooch has absolutely no self-esteem at all, buy them a Bantha fancy dress costume. Rover may never be able to show his face to his canine mates again, but your mates will love it.

Star Wars Gifts 9 Darth Dog Bowl

Darth Dog Bowl

On the other hand, your best furry friend will love you for buying them this stylish dog bowl. Will Darth turn them to the bark side?

Star Wars Gifts 10 Cat Teaser

Cat Teaser

Cats need not feel left out. Stop them terrorising sparrows by wearing them out terrorising a plush Millennium Falcon cat teaser instead. Falcons are clearly more braggable about than sparrows, anyway.

Star Wars Gifts 11 Stormtrooper Hooded Jacket

Stormtrooper Hooded Jacket

There is a galaxy of Star Wars-branded attire out there (not very far away, just in the local supermarket) and as we said in the intro, we’re not going to highlight any of the zillions of T-shirts (comedy or otherwise) you can get because that’s a whole feature in itself. But we are going to bring to your attention some of the more unusual and stylish pieces of clothing, including this striking Stormtrooper hooded jacket. Zip it right up for the total look.

Star Wars Gifts 12 Chewbacca Slippers

Chewbacca Slippers

Leia may have called Chewbacca a walking carpet but she never realised that one day she would be able to walk in Wookiee carpet slippers. This is a great star wars gift idea for her as well.

Star Wars Gifts 13 Princess Leia Beanie

Princess Leia Beanie

Now you can have buns just like Princess Leia! Stop sniggering. We mean her hair buns of course, thanks to this Princess Leia beanie.

Star Wars Gifts 14 R2-D2 Beanie Hat

R2-D2 Beanie Hat

Alternatively, if you fancy something a bit more stitchpunk on your bonce there’s this R2-D2 woolly hat that comes in a variety of sizes from baby droid to old-enough-to-know-better droid.

Star Wars Gifts 15 Duck Tape

Star Wars Duck Tape

This has to rate as one of least predictable bits of Star Wars merchandise we found. There’s another George Lucas film that would seem a more obvious fit (Howard The Duck Tape, anyone?) but hey, we’re happy to wrap things up with the Star Wars duck tape. Especially gungans.

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