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Today at the Movies we celebrated with Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter, saw the Titanic reach an enormous number of 50 million likes, the new Transformer movies grossed an amazing sum of $100 billion, started the countdown to the new Hunger Games movie, peeked into the Fast & Furious family off the set, and welcomed two new sequels for The Expendables and Step UP. Like this Movies Briff? Share it!

Happy birthday, Ginny Weasley!

“…Ginny is this incredibly powerful, stubborn, intelligent, quick-witted woman….She’s just true to herself, no matter what.” – Emma Watson
Happy birthday, Ginny Weasley!


Likes: 503,802+ | Shares: 5,296+ | Source: Harry Potter


Titanic Sails On with 50 Million Likes

Thank you to all the fans for helping us sail past 50,000,000 Facebook Likes!
Post from April 26th, 2014 still sails on.


Likes: 892,955+ | Shares: 22,063+ | Source: Titanic


Transformers: Age of Extinction Grosses $100 Billion

THANK YOU for helping Transformers: Age of Extinction reach this new milestone!


Likes: 170,102+ | Shares: 10,041+ | Source: Transformers


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Hits Theaters in 100 Days

The countdown begins… Only 100 DAYS left until The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 hits theaters!


Likes: 104,677+ | Shares: 32,936+ | Source: The Hunger Games


The Family of Fast & Furious Off the Set

We’re a family off and on the set. #FF7


Likes: 316,753+ | Shares: 7,215+ | Source: Fast & Furious


The Expendables Hit the Screen

Don’t miss seeing the best Expendables yet on the big screen this weekend. Get your tickets today for the most explosive movie event of the summer!


Likes: 23,238+ | Shares: 949+ | Source: The Expendables


Step Up All In is On

Every step has led to this! #StepUpALLin is now playing!


Likes: 114,903+ | Shares: 1,412+ | Source: Step Up Movie


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