Find Out What Milestone Neymar Jr. is Reaching and The Mysterious Bag of Miley Cyrus - Celebs Briff

Find Out What Milestone Neymar Jr. is Reaching and The Mysterious Bag of Miley Cyrus – Celebs Briff

Also Find Out The Location of Justin Beiber, Real World Situation by Ludacris or Are You Interested in Joining 5-a-side Football Tournament By Christiano Ronaldo – etc many more on today’s Celebs Briff

Justin in Italy

Justin Bieber
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Kim Kardashian Hanging Around With Hubby

Best in the West
Kim Kardashian
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Neymar Jr. Reaching A Milestone Very Soon

Rafaella !!
Viu a foto que o pai publicou no Instagram ?
O Instituto Neymar Jr tá quase pronto!!
Neymar Jr.
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Barca on Top of The Table Despite Draw

Empate sin goles en Málaga ayer. El FC Barcelona suma otro punto en La Liga y se mantiene como líder en la clasificación.
Goalless draw in Malaga yesterday. One more point for FC Barcelona in La Liga. The team remain at the top of the league table. — at Estadio La Rosaleda.
Leo Messi
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Do Your Work Maintaining Discipline, Leave The Miracles For God

“Allow God to do what only he can do.”
Joel Osteen Ministries
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Ludacris: Real World Situation

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Miley Cyrus: Mysterious Bag

What in the world is in that bag? What chuuuu got in dat bag?!
Miley Cyrus
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Send Your Selfie To Jennifer Lopez

#JLoFollowsBack #JLoBootyOniTunes send me your selfies #JLovers
Jennifer Lopez
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Do You Want To Wear Marley?

Some of our favorite new additions to Cedella Marley’s #WearMarley apparel line! Check ’em out @
Bob Marley
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5-a-side Tournament By Ronaldo

Think you’ve got the best 5-a-side Team around? Join Round 3 of The GAME by Ronaldo competition and BE that Team!
Sign up at
Cristiano Ronaldo
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