Watch Magical Moments and Scared Harry Potter - Movies Briff

Watch Magical Moments and Scared Harry Potter – Movies Briff

Find Out The Weapon More Powerful Than Bullets, Face The Death To Know The Value of Life or Read The Amazing Ideas That Created The Monsters – all and many more on today’s Movies Briff

Scared Harry Potter Ready For Fight

Wands at the ready.
Harry Potter

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Epic Speeder Bike Concept Used In Many Places Then

#McQuarrieMonday – This concept reads more like “flying snowmobiles” than speeder bikes, but we like it anyway.
Star Wars
Likes: 5,606+ | Shares: 121+ | Source: Star Wars

Bullets Are Weaker Than The Wolverine

Wolverine doesn’t run away from bullets. Bullets run away from Wolverine. #XMen
X-Men Movies
Likes: 12,928+ | Shares: 1,023+ | Source: X-Men Movies

Face The Death To Know The Value of Life

Sometimes you must face death to celebrate life. The original Saw returns to theaters this Halloween for one week only! #2WeeksTilSAW
Likes: 27,947+ | Shares: 1,530+ | Source: Saw

Magical Moments You Want Repeated Everyday

What moments are you most excited to watch again on Tuesday?
Step Up Movie
Likes: 37,527+ | Shares: 372+ | Source: Step Up Movie

Great Philosophy of Life By Forrest Gump

Share your favorite life surprises with us below #ForrestGump
“You never know what you’re gonna get!” – Forrest Gump #MovieQuoteMonday
Forrest Gump
Likes: 40,988+ | Shares: 7,352+ | Source: Forrest Gump

Dragons Day Getting Closer, Are You Prepared?

Get your downloadable dragons decorations for Friday in our #DragonsDay party kit!

And don’t forget to RSVP!
How to Train Your Dragon
Likes: 2,765+ | Shares: 78+ | Source: How to Train Your Dragon

Match Your Personality With The Disney One’s

Is your personality most like Captain Jack Sparrow?
Pirates of the Caribbean
Likes: 22,403+ | Shares: 893+ | Source: Pirates of the Caribbean

Cars Are Bored With Typical Days, Nothing New

Just another day on the job.
Likes: 7,193+ | Shares: 192+ | Source: Cars

Amazing Ideas That Created The Master-piece

“It was such a brilliant notion to take and explore the idea of, ‘What if kids are telling the truth, and there really are monsters in their closets?’ It’s a truth children know, just like they know that their toys come alive when there’s no one else in the room.” —John Lasseter
Monsters, Inc.
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