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Are You Interested To An Offer For Forrest Gump 20th Anniversary, Behind The Scenes of Dinobots in Transformers or Your Real Best Friend – Read more than these on today’s Movies Briff

Harry Potter: Birthday Wish To The Beautiful Hermione

Clever, resourceful, and brave. You really are the brightest witch of your age! Happy birthday, Hermione!

Harry Potter

Likes: 317,951+ | Shares: 6,199+ | Source: Harry Potter


Behind The Scenes of Dinobots

Want more DINOBOTS? Go behind-the-scenes of #TRANS4MERS to see how they brought the Dinobots back from extinction.


Likes: 11,586+ | Shares: 519+ | Source: Transformers


Experience The Pirate’s Life

♫ Yo ho, yo ho a pirate’s life for me… ♫

Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean

Likes: 99,815+ | Shares: 14,608+ | Source: Pirates of the Caribbean


Disney Emotions

These moments will bring tears to your eye.

Monsters, Inc

Likes: 10,903+ | Shares: 668+ | Source: Monsters, Inc.


Forrest Gump: 20th Anniversary Celebration Offer

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurants, Inc. is givin’ out free Key Lime Pie or Alabama Brownie with purchase of two entrees! HURRY!
This deal only lasts until October 9th!

Forrest Gump

Not Valid With Any Other Offer. Coupon Code: ANNIV
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Get To Know Your True Enemy, That’s Inside You

You’re not your fighting khakis.

Fight Club

Likes: 39,268+ | Shares: 5,111+ | Source: Fight Club


Mother Never Forgets Her Child

You guessed it – Valka reveals herself to Hiccup with this powerful line! #HTTYD2

How to Train Your Dragon

Likes: 9,799+ | Shares: 120+ | Source: How to Train Your Dragon


Beastly: Books Are Your Best Friend

Lindy carries a book with her at all times- what’s your favorite read?


Likes: 5,374+ | Shares: 41+ | Source: Beastly


Destroy The Limits of Your Brain & Enjoy Limitless

We want to access more. Can you help us?


Likes: 5,377+ | Shares: 180+ | Source: Limitless


IceAge Promoting The Maze Runner

We must get out of the maze, we have a movie to see!
Get a lift from a friend and don’t miss The Maze Runner this weekend!


Likes: 23,956+ | Shares: 647+ | Source: IceAge


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