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Find out why The Hunger Games Fans are waiting so eagerly for the Mockingjay, Learn about Jed then you can find every family has it or Get to know how people react when they face domination on their own fortress – all and many more about Movies and TV Shows on today’s Movies Briff


Fans Waiting To See The Transition From Book To Movie

In ONE WEEK… the Mockingjay lives! – Reserve your #MockingjayTickets at!

The Hunger Games

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Minions, Amazing Intention From Genius Minds

The Minions threw Dracula a birthday party. #tbt #throwbackthursday

Despicable Me

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Moment That Can Blast The Rage Inside You

“The Elder Wand lies with him, of course…buried in the earth.” – Grindelwald

Harry Potter

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Every Family Has Their Jed

Who will be carving the turkey at your house this year?

Star Wars

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Haunted Environment, Is It House Of Dead?

Perfect day for a tea party.

Alice in Wonderland

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Hope Keeps Human Alive In Any Fight

“I learned that there can be no true despair without hope.” -Bane

The Dark Knight Rises

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Surprising Character Death In The Simpsons!

Did you catch this moment from last night’s closing credits?

The Simpsons

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Home, Sweet Home! Get Back To Nest Where You Came From

It’s Friday!! Are you as excited to get home as Mr. Bean?

Mr. Bean

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Don’t Trust This Guy, You May Suffer

Hang on… this may sting a little.


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Own Fortress! Domination Is Out Of Question

This is my own private domicile and I will not be harassed.

Breaking Bad

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