Never-Ending Faceburst and Poem Raising Voice – Celebs Briff

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Find out why David Beckham was talking about safety, Watch the interview of Taylor Swift where she stated the difficulties & struggles women have to face more than men or Get to know the worthy queen for this cruel world – all and many more on today’s Celebs Briff


Amused By New Experience, Different Looks

The role of Kaulder is like nothing I have ever done before…
The Last Witch Hunter
October 23rd 2015!!!

Vin Diesel

Likes: 304,556+ | Shares: 3,101+ | Source: Vin Diesel


London Blessed, Best Friends Together

¡Londres! ¿Próxima parada???

London! Next stop???

Leo Messi

Likes: 440,445+ | Shares: 3,047+ | Source: Leo Messi


Love Remains If You Live, Safety Comes First

I’m all for fans taking a picture but not sure this is the safest way to do it!

David Beckham

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Failure Doesn’t Stop A Life, Move On!!

Shake off what didn’t work out. Shake off the guilt. Move forward with your life.

Joel Osteen Ministries

Likes: 159,519+ | Shares: 34,094+ | Source: Joel Osteen Ministries


Females, Still Lagging Behind In This Male Dominated World

Taylor graces the cover of TIME! She talks 1989, #The1989WorldTour, female role models and music streaming. It’s a MUST read.

Taylor Swift

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Poem Inspiring People To Raise Up Their Voice

A poem by Faiz Ahmed Faiz

“bol ke lab aazaad haiN tere
bol zabaaN ab tak terii hai
teraa sutvaaN jism hai teraa
bol ke jaaN ab tak terii hai
dekh ke aahaNgar kii dukaaN meN
tuNd haiN shole surKh hai aahan
khulne lage qufloN ke dahaane
phailaa har ek zanjeer kaa daaman
bol ye thoRaa vaqt bahut hai
jism-o-zubaaN kii maut se pahle
bol ke sach ziNdaa hai ab tak
bol jo kuch kehnaa hai keh le”

English translation:
“Speak up, while your lips are unsealed
speak up, while your tongue is still yours
Speak, for your strong body is your own
speak, while you are still alive…
Look at blacksmith’s shop
where leaping flames makes the iron red hot
opening the jaws of locks…
every chain opens up and begins to break
speak for this brief time is long enough
before yours body and words die
speak up, so that truth still prevails
speak up, say what you must.”

Amitabh Bachchan

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Bob Still Inspiring People, He’ll Live Forever

“Ya can’t subdue the message.” 5 days and counting… #MarleyNatural

Bob Marley

Likes: 210,839+ | Shares: 12,117+ | Source: Bob Marley


Worthy Queen For This Cruel World

“I shall give this wretched world the queen it deserves.”- Queen Ravenna

Charlize Theron

Likes: 94,833+ | Shares: 3,243+ | Source: Charlize Theron


All Changes, Faceburst Never Does

Easy on the face, guys!

Robert Downey Jr

Likes: 385,033+ | Shares: 10,051+ | Source: Robert Downey Jr


Tensed With Sun Burn? Kim Advising

Love our Tan Extender with Bronzers…it helps keep my color on the days I don’t tan! #KardashianSunKissed

Kim Kardashian

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