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Best Animal Photobombs Ever

Funniest Animal Photobombs Ever

Can you spot the seal among the penguins? 40 must-share laugh-out-loud photos of animals crashing a photo… Don’t miss the quotes below. Enjoy! I dream of a better tomorrow, where chickens can cross the road and not be questioned about their motives. Who did you call crazy? If you want someone who will listen to […]

Birthday Art Hedgehog

Biddy the Hedgehog Sensation

The most popular hedgehog in this universe! Most of you may not like hedgehogs, but you can’t stop liking biddythehedgehog from Instagram. I never liked a hedgehog and I never think that I am going to love one. But after watching the photos from it’s instagram account I start liking it. This hedgehog will force […]

Pretty Lady Dog's Toys

Dog’s Toys – Poor Dogs made to look Trivial

Only if they knew, they would never touch these funny dog’s toys We know dogs are great, we know they are the most loyal. We also know, sometimes they can be the best companion too. Then, what about fun? Well, every now and then, dogs can be fun also with their amazing stupidity. So, let’s […]

Kids & Cats

Kids & Cats – Loving Creatures Captured

Magic Happens, when kids & cats comes together! We often consider dogs as the most friendly and most loyal pet. However, cats as pet are not much behind. I have to admit that they can be naughty, but they are adorable too. They can give a scratch, but they can make you feel special too. […]

Glasses Dog Life

Dog life – Every Dog has its Day of Living

So, can these dogs live their dog life? Oh, man! I am living a dog life, they say, particularly while depressed to the fullest. However, it’s not a right thing to say, not only because it disrespects the dogs as the animalists would suggest, but also because the dog’s life is not as miserable as […]

Children and Animals

Children and Animals Looks Divine in Cuddling Photo Shoot

These children and animals pose together like longtime friends All animals are innocent except humans. However, all of the humans remain innocent to a certain age, we call that childhood. So, when children and animal comes together depicting a lovely relationship, we can be certain of a divine treat for our eyes. Anyway, the task […]

Circus Elephants

Circus Elephants – The cruelty will stop soon

No more fun using Elephants on Circus stages “Circus group Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey won’t feature elephant’s shows from 2018” Elephant, be it African or Asian, has been the star attraction for circuses for over hundred years. It all began, when P. T. Barnum, the main man of Barnum & Bailey began to […]

The Best Of Sony World Photography Awards 2015

The Best Of 2015 Sony World Photography Awards About the Awards: The Sony World Photography Awards are the world’s biggest photography competition and its aim is simple: to recognize and reward the best contemporary photography in the world. The awards have brought untold reward and recognition to those involved and each year offers an incredible […]

Oath To Carry Friendship Dogs and Babies

Dogs and Babies – Cuteness At Its Best

Awww. Dogs and Babies. The perfect combination “Dogs and Babies, the amazing truth that the dogs are better in babysitting than us humans” Are you struggling with your dearest little one? Finding it quite impossible to put him/her to bed? Or you probably are just worried about how well the babysitter would look after your […]

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