Funny Ex Texts With Hilarious Replies

Ex Texts – Funniest Texts from Your Ex which anyone can relate to

Relationship is a serious matter and the break-up is an emotional incident. Is it nowadays? People changes from time to time. If we consider the people from 50 years ago, you’d find my first line true. But nowadays it is so mainstream and people have seen so much of this, they learned to move on. They make fun of their ex spouse. It is very much normal when we see the Instagram page named @textsfromyourex and the number of followers are 1.2 millions. People share their texts from their ex here and everyone have a fun time with those. That is why the movies like “Friends with Benefit” are a best seller in this age. People changes their tastes after sometime and both sides are happy with it. This is a world we live on where we cheat, lies and steal. Still it is normal. People learned another good thing in this world. That is to hate others is a lesser punishment than to insult. So, they are insulting and bullying people as much as they can. Let’s take a look at the Best Funny Ex Texts, don’t forget to let us know your comments about it.


Yes. I do want you. In a coffin

Yes. I do want you. In a coffin Ex Texts.

Very weird suggestion

Very weird suggestion Ex Texts


Threat!! Ex Texts

Selfish B**ch!!

Selfish Bitch!! Ex Texts

There is no emoji so this guy made his own

How rude??

Old Coffee Pot For Ashes Ex Texts


Long term Plan

Long term Plan Ex Texts

This is actually the most romantic thing I’ve ever read in my life

Just. Stop.Just. Stop. Ex Texts

I left your shit in the driveway where it belongsI left your shit in the driveway where it belongs Ex Texts

Hilarious ReplyHilarious Reply Ex Texts

Boyfriend or Xbox? You decide…

Boyfriend or Xbox, You decide Ex Texts

This post was inspired by textsfromyourex and most of the photos were taken from her Instagram account nicknamed @textsfromyourex.


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