Drunk Fail – They started the party drinking and you can guess how it ended

Drunk Fail – How did this great party end?

These guys all went happy to the party. Drinking was a big part of it. And it ended… Well, maybe they drank too much. Going through the funniest drunk fail photos, I wonder if they still went to the next drinking party. The winning drinking fail photo is all the way down – scroll with caution…


Funny Drunk Fail Party

The party started very well, drinking and dancing. Sounds familiar?

Drunk Fail Hot Girls

After a few shots, even the prettiest girls look a bit different.

Drunk Fail Hot Girls getting ugly


The Search for the Toilet

Some of the top drunk fail moments get us very close to the toilet. We wanted to do something else, but…

Drunk Fail Hot Girls Toilet

Yep, drinking brings us very close to the toilet. Sometimes not in the right position.

Drunk Fail on Toilet


The End of the Drinking Party

Thanks to smartphones and cameras, we finally know how we look after a night of drinking.
Drunk Fail Hot Girls Naked
Such a great way to start the New Year…

Drunk Fail Toilet Girl

OK. I remember going to the New Year’s Eve party. I remember deciding not to drink and drive. So I wanted to call a taxi… Where’s the phone booth?

Drunk Fail Phone Booth


Friends Help Out with Funny Drunk Fails

You can always trust your friends to help out when you drank too much.

Drunk Fail Friends Painting

And friends can be so creative. Thanks guys!

Drunk Fail Friends Drawing Face

Lucky for you, they had a camera to catch your epic drinking fail moment.

Drunk Fail Friends Drawing on body

Drinking fails can lead to artistic moments, like these bottles. How many times it took to get to this result?

Drunk Fail Friends Bottles

Finally home, after a drinking night, I rushed into the room to fall on the bed. Oops, I forgot to open the door. Oh, and missed the bed. One of the best drinking fail photos of the year.

Drunk Fail Breaking Door

And we have a winner, the best drunk fail moment of the year… Where did the party go?
Drunk Fail Girl Naked


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