Work Pressure – So you think that you work under pressure?

Work Pressure Can Be So Much Worse

Work pressure… So you think that you work under pressure? Check out the jobs with the most pressure in the World. A laugh is an option. A much better feeling about your own job is comes with a guarantee. You will however get to try the last one… scroll down to see it for yourself.


#8 Heights Pressure

Working high above the ground can add a lot of stress to your job. Mix this with high voltage electricity lines, and you get one of the most stressful jobs in the World.

Work Pressure - Heights


#7 Shooting Ducks

Can you imagine going to the office to serve as a shooting duck? Holding the target is almost as bad. That’s working under pressure.

Work Pressure - Holding Shooting Target


#6 Feed the Alligator

Office pressure sounds like a walk in the park when you look at this guy feeding the alligator. Right?

Work Pressure - Alligator


#5 Behind the Elephant

Literal work pressure. This guy feels the pressure at work from all sides. Or am I getting this wrong?

Work Pressure - Elephant


#4 Human Railroad

He’s more than human, and still, even for Superman this as a stressful day at the office.

Work Pressure - Superman holding railroad


#3 Epic Work Pressure – Delivering Eggs

Egg delivery is a great example for work under pressure. Yet this guy takes it to the extreme with too many eggs on a tiny scooter.

Work Pressure - Delivering Eggs


#2 Work or Die!

This computer programmer works under the close inspection of North Korea’s dictator and his officers. One wrong action and he can say goodbye to the family. And you thought that you were working under pressure? Huh!

Work Pressure - North Korea


#1 The World’s Most Stressful Job

Arrr… 90% of us will do this job one day or already there. Climbed up an elephant’s ass? Delivered eggs on a motorcycle? Worked in North Korea? Nothing compares to the most common job in the World. Try having kids. And then try getting them out the door every morning…

Work Pressure - Parenting


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