Funny Signs – Epic Fails to Make You Laugh

These funny signs can test your humor

We use sign for various reasons. Generally, sign is used to indicate or describe important and useful information. Use of sign has a huge background and it has great impact on the human civilization. In the course of time, people use signs with deep thoughts and great outcomes. Huge amount of thought, effort and time is needed to generate a meaningful sign. But sometime it fails. It makes you laugh. Creator of the signs may be very serious about it but that;s funny for the people. Lack of humor or lack of education can cause it. Sometimes these signs are used to attract people also which we can describe as negative marketing. Let’s check out a collection of great funny signs.


What is A-Style?

Very funny if you understand Funny Signs


Students Turn Us On

Students Turn Us On Funny Signs


Star Bucks Coffee

Star Bucks Coffee Funny Signs


OMG!! Poop For sell

OMG!! Poop For sell Funny Signs


Neighbor Complaint

Neighbor Complaint Funny Signs


It can take you to PARADISE may be

It can take you to PARADISE may be Funny Signs


Fresh Juice for sell



Worst school name I’ve ever known

Cockermouth School Funny Signs

BUTT Market

BUTT Market Funny Signs

Beauty Nipple

Beauty Nipple Funny Sign


ASS Hair Saloon

ASS Hair Saloon Funny Sign

Are you serious?

Are you serious Funny Sign

Can’t believe an English teacher wrote it




Accident Prone Area

Accident Porn Area!! What's this Funny Signs


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