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Amazing design that can force you to change your bedroom interior, Photos from a worthy place to spend your holiday, find out where it is or Get to know a common crime from a career-oriented girl – all and many more interesting, shocking, depressing, mocking & heart-enricher on today’s Viral Briff


Song of Tears, Deep From The Heart

A heartbreaking video of a grieving father singing The Beatles’ “Blackbird” to his dying newborn son after the mother died in childbirth is being shared across the world.


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Luxury of The Developed Country, Poor Dies, Who Cares?

Well, now I’ve seen everything


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Human Acts Like A Dumb When It’s Needed

“Humans: simultaneously capable of such genius and such douchebaggery”

I fucking love science

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Design That Can Force You To Change Your Bedroom

Black Bedroom Designs!

Stylish Eve

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Common Crime Of A Career Oriented Girl

“I did my undergrad in law in Australia, focusing on domestic criminal work. Then I moved to the Hague in The Netherlands to work for the office of the prosecutor in the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. Then I worked for an NGO in Johannesburg that uses the South African constitution to enforce human rights. Then I went back to Australia to clerk for a justice of the supreme court. Now I’m here studying international criminal prosecution, though I’m considering switching to transitional justice.”
“What’s the biggest crime you’ve ever committed?”
“I’ve never been a constant in anyone’s life.”

Humans of New York

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Hawaii, Another Heaven of Earth

One Of The Most Beautiful Places To Visit, Hawaii ᴷᴬ

Architecture & Design

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Very Annoying, Answer Is Always “NO”

Restart your computer to install important updates

Dude Perfect
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Keep It In Your Mind & Alert Others

This is important, spread the word!

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Place Where Every Kid Would Dream To Go

“We wanted her to not be crippled by shyness, so we took her to a place where a kid could feel safe to dream and be themselves or anyone they want to be.”

Bored Panda

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Avoid Other Work, Drive Safely

Back then.

George Takei

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