The 25 Best Things About Almost Famous

The 25 Best Things About Almost Famous

I still remember the first time I saw Almost Famous. I was twelve, and my sister and I snuck into the theater (with its scandalous 14A rating, we were a few years too young to be watching it) and spent the next few hours enthralled by the music, clothes, and sweet love story between William and Penny, played perfectly by Patrick Fugit and Kate Hudson.

The movie sparked a lifelong love of rock n roll, and introduced me to some of my favorite artists. I feel like this movie deserves a yearly rewatch, so to get you in the mood, I’ve put together some of the best things about this movie, starting with…

almost famous tiny dancer

The soundtrack. It is probably the best portrayal of the music of that era – unapologetic, talented, brash, but often sweet, and each song complimented each scene perfectly, like the amazing “you are home”/Tiny Dancer moment. I used to watch that scene on repeat.

Did you know Almost Famous is based on Cameron Crowe’s life? Click next to read…

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