The Matrix: Best Stories and Facts!

The Matrix: Best Stories and Facts!

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If you lived through the early aughts, you lived through The Matrix mania. This futuristic trilogy blew people’s minds with its deep, philosophical undertones, futuristic plot, and dystopian themes. The Wachowskis released three Matrix films, but the first was definitely our favorite.

Here are some of the best behind the scenes stories, facts, and secrets you didn’t know about this film!


The movie was inspired by comics! Andrew and Lana (previously Larry) Wachowski wrote The Matrix as a comic book so they could incorporate all the things they loved – anime, kung fu, and science fiction.

They liked how in comics, action could be slowed down to show the full scope of a given moment, something that is seen a lot in the movie.

How did the actors prepare for their role?

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